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3 Pilates Fitness Tips To Stay Healthy, Fit & Injury-Free While Mowing the Lawn

Practicing Pilates-Style Movements Can Lead To Better Health & Fitness When Mowing the Lawn
By Tonya Bronleewe

mowerAfter reading Aliesa’s blog about using Pilates to strengthen your body for this summer’s gardening, I was inspired to think about Pilates while I mowed the lawn.

As a Centerworks Pilates student for the last 5 years, I have Aliesa’s tips, techniques, mantras and cues running through my head most of the time.  I hear her when I’m working out, running, walking, standing or sitting at my desk.  Her voice in my head says things like “Low belly pulled in and up,” “Pull your shoulders away from your ears,” “What’s your clam doing?” “Zip up your inner thighs.”  I love that I get my money’s worth out of every training session because I take her wise words about how to move my body in efficient and effective ways with me, out the door and into my real life.

This Brings Me To Today’s Pilates Tips and Musings on Mowing.

I like to mow the lawn because I count that as my workout for the day because it takes me about an hour and I’m moving and working up a sweat the whole time. (We’ve got a big yard, thick grass and a number of hills.)

As I mowed the lawn this past week I thought more deeply about HOW I was moving, what muscles I was engaging and what bad movement habits I might be reinforcing as I cut the grass.  My inner-Aliesa-voice led me to a few new healthy movement moments of effective muscle action for wellness success.

Check out these 3 Pilates Tips To Stay Healthy, Fit, and Injury-Free While Mowing the Lawn: 

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Important Information about Common Foot Problems from America’s Podiatrist Dr. Michael Nirenberg

Thanks to guest author America’s PodiatristSM,  Dr. Michael Nirenberg for these great insights into some common foot pain problems.  I hope that you have healthy and happy feet, but if any of the foot problems below are an issue for you – please listen to your feet and seek medical attention if necessary.  Treatment and prevention is a whole lot better than living with pain!

I hope you enjoy reading this helpful foot-care info!

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Osteoporosis and Exercise – Activities, Guidelines, Research, and Insights from Physical Therapist and Polestar Pilates Educator Sherri Betz

Healthy Bones - Osteoporosis and ExerciseMany thanks to guest author Sherri Betz of TheraPilates® Physical Therapy Clinic in Santa Cruz, CA for letting me share this great information for Osteoporosis and exercise on my   Sherri  recently published this article in her newsletter, and then added extra insights once the questions started flooding in!

I encourage you to keep reading below and pass this very important  information along to your fellow Pilates teachers and friends to better understand what types of exercise are most beneficial for increasing bone density and avoiding the risk and health challenges of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia do not have to be debilitating, and can be reversed!  But it takes the right types of exercise and activities to facilitate bone growth.  Thanks Sherri for sharing your expertise!

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