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Improve Posture | Posture Principles for Health by Aliesa George

Increase Postural Awareness, Reduce Joint Stress and Improve Balance and Control

Posture Principles for Health

Posture Principles for Health

60-page study guide and DVD or Streaming Online Video

Poor posture habits are a contributing factor to poor health. Foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain all can trace back to your poor posture habits…

If you want to improve your health, improve your posture!

The information in Posture Principles for Health is valuable for Pilates teachers, personal trainers and clients to help assess posture habits and develop wellness programs to improve health.

Everything is presented in a format that is easy to use so that anyone can complete their own posture self-assessment to improve body alignment and body awareness for both seated and standing posture.

Good standing and seated posture habits are the first step to improving functional movement habits!

This 60-page study guide and DVD work exceptionally well to increase postural awareness, help reduce joint stress, and improve balance and control. Whether you’re a novice in need of developing workout programs to correct posture or an expert looking to teach posture principles to students, this collection is thorough and spot-on.

–As Reviewed in Pilates Style Magazine

Posture Principles for Health Includes:

  • Posture Principles for Health Study Guide (60 page book or ebook)
  • Video (select DVD, VHS or streaming video)
  • 12-point checklist for perfect standing posture
  • Seated posture pointers
  • A series of questions to help you assess posture habits
  • Teaching tips for trainers, and more…

This information is an excellent place to start to develop workout programs that promote efficient movement and good health.

Start improving your posture to improve functional movement and whole-body health with Posture Principles for Health!
Posture Principles for Health

Posture Principles for Health

60-page study guide and DVD or Streaming Online Video

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