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Pilates Quote – The Body and Self-Care

Unfortunately, I do think Joe was right with this Pilates quote from his book Return to Life about the body and self-care. We don’t tend to always give our bodies the care that our well-being deserves. Can you imagine what you would feel like, and what a happy place the world would be if we […]

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How To Improve Flexibility

Joseph H. Pilates has some excellent words of wisdom for improving flexibility.  It’s not all about stretching…  But balanced muscle development to allow the work and release to happen for movement in a full range of motion with our body and joints.  Enjoy this quote from his book, Return to Life.

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Return to Life! Use Pilates Training To Improve Structural Health

Get a Better Body, Mind, Spirit – Tall Posture – and Enjoy Fabulous Whole-Body Health It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Structure and Improve Your Health! One of the most fascinating and fabulous things about the human structure is, that regardless of your age, or how long you’ve had the functional movement habits that […]

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Quotes from Joseph H. Pilates

Inspiring Words of Wisdom from the creator and inventor of the Pilates Method The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body. The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this […]

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