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ACSM Fitness Trends – Pilates Ranks High for 2010

The American College of Sports Medicine recently published a forecast of fitness trends for 2010, and it’s wonderful to see that Pilates training is near the top of the list!

While Pilates was ranked #9 in the ACSM report, by my assessment of the top ten fitness trends it appears to me that many, if not all, are distinctly related to Pilates training.  In fact I can see application of the Pilates system and Pilates principles for whole-body health to every single one of the top trends.

This is great news for Pilates teachers who are eager to share the great benefits of Pilates, and even better news for the potential increase in health enhancement of people across the globe!  Joseph Pilates would be so happy to know that his legacy continues to grow and flourish,  and millions of people are enthusiastically participating in Pilates.

Whether it’s Pilates, strength training, personal training, core training, specialized fitness programs for older adults, exercise programs for children, functional fitness, sport-specific training, or group personal training.  Pilates definitely fits the bill to provide excellent benefits for strength, flexibility, body awareness, control, and health!

Check out the article I read about the ACSM Fitness Forecast at Pilates-Pro!

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