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Anna Graceman is My Inspiration to be a Superstar!

I believe all of us are here on this planet with a mission to achieve.  And whatever we do, we should strive for Superstar status, doing the very best we can, and giving it all we’ve got.  I came across this video by 11 year old singer-songwriter (Yep – 11 years old!) Anna Graceman – and I have to say, she’s rocked my world and given me a swift kick in the rear of inspiration to work towards Superstar status for the things I love doing and am passionate about for work, play, fitness, health, and life!

There are superstar Pilates teachers, doctors, lawyers, moms, tri-athletes, artists, singers… in every field, all ages, and certainly different levels of talent.  But if you have a hopes and dreams, why wait until you’re old enough, wise enough, or have “it all together” to get started?  Start moving things forward NOW!  Don’t keep your passions hiding or locked in a closet.  Share what you love with the world.

Hope you enjoy this amazing little girl’s talent as much as I do!

Now Get Out There and BE a Superstar!

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