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Are You Adding Healthy Habits to Your Day?

So it’s a new year, and everyone’s back on the band-wagon to get healthier (myself included).  There are so many choices and things to do it can be overwhelming.  And then there’s the caveat that not every exercise, supplement, or wellness activity is safe and appropriate for everyone.

If you feel like you’re wandering and confused about your choices and what to do to really get results from your exercise program and weight-loss efforts, I’d encourage you to seek the wise counsel of an experienced health and fitness expert, or perhaps a nutritionist to help you sort out the details and fine-tune a fitness and eating plan that is realistic for your schedule and will help you confidently move forward in the right direction.

Another thing to keep in mind which has helped me a lot this week is a bit of advice from David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program:  We feel deprived and like we’re missing out when we start taking things away.  Kind of like taking candy from a baby!  Instead focus on adding good healthy habits to your day, whether it’s exercise, more rest, meditation, better food choices, or supplements.

By focusing on what your ADDING to your lifestyle to become healthier, you might discover that the not-so-healthy habits will disappear without you feeling deprived.

This shift in perspective has made a huge difference in my mindset and the choices I’ve made this week.  Hope that perhaps it will help you on your journey too!

Have a Fit and Fabulous Day!

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