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Live Events and CEC Workshops

Join us for our Spring 2018 Awesome Workshops!

















Both workshops will be held at Bodhi Body Pilates, 520 S. Holland, Suite #203, Wichita, KS 67209

For questions or to Register for future LIVE workshops at Bodhi Body Pilates, please contact Aliesa at (316) 530-3753. 
(Please note: currently there is not on-line enrollment for these events, you MUST call to reserve your spot.)  Space is limited.

Virtual Workshops

Foam Roller Fitness – Core Challenge Training Instant Access
Video Replay
Pilates Teachers Video Training:
Foam Roller Training for Pilates Pros
Instant Access
Video Replay
Combo: Foam Roller Fitness
& Foam Roller Training for Pilates Pros
Instant Access
Video Replay
Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect Instant Access
Video Replay
6-Dot Strategy for Effective Rotation of the Spine Instant Access
Video Replay
How to Effectively Engage the Pelvic Floor Instant Access
Video Replay
Six Tips for the Hips Instant Access
Video Replay
Foot Fitness Video Training for Walkers & Runners Instant Access
Video Replay

Centerworks Online Workshops with Aliesa George

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Pilates Expert Aliesa George is Available for a Limited Number of Private Pilates Lessons and Classes

Visit BODHI BODY Pilates for Private & Group Training class schedules and studio information.

Contact Aliesa for appointment scheduling.

And don’t forget to check out these great Virtual Workshops!

If you would like to host a live Awesome Workshop event, please contact Aliesa George directly at (316) 530-3753.

Staying active and fit is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.  Every Awesome Workshop  is filled with tips, techniques, and exercises to fine-tune your training program and help you get the most from your workouts.

Whether you want to improve core strength, flexibility, improve your foot fitness, walk and run with fewer injuries, enhance sports performance,  improve posture, get better hip mechanics, a stronger core, enjoy stress-free shoulders, and more…

These courses are ideal to help YOU gain insights to improve your health and fitness.

If you’re a Pilates teacher or fitness professional, you can use the tips, techniques, and exercises you learn during these Awesome Workshops for to improve your health and to share with your clients!

Every Awesome Workshop is jam-packed with great information and exercises to help you get a fresh perspective on ways to enhance your training program and improve your exercise technique. Maximize the benefits from your workouts by participating in Awesome Workshops!


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