Two Great Workshops… One Low Price!

Join Aliesa George on Saturday, March 29, 2014 in Topeka, KS for fun, information-packed workshops and discover new ways to fine‐tune your fitness, increase strength and flexibility, and enhance your whole‐body health. All workshops are appropriate for: Pilates Students & Pilates Teachers (CEC’s thru petition). Space is limited. Register for both workshops by February 28th for only $159.

Fantastic Feet!Fantastic Feet! Workshop

Exercises to Strengthen the Ankles, Arches, and Toes

Discover the benefits of better foot care! Helpful easy‐to‐learn exercise solutions for flat feet, high arches, bunions, hammertoes, foot cramps, and more… Use these simple Fantastic Feet strategies to improve alignment, posture, balance, and body control. Help keep your feet healthy and pain‐free.

Includes: 3‐hours of lecture/demo, foot fitness fine‐tuning and exercise practice for confidence in developing your at‐home foot‐care program, PLUS a copy of the book Fantastic Feet, and a mini Foot‐Fitness Kit. (product value $40)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pilates-Walk™ BasicsPilates-Walk™ Basics Workshop

Tips, Techniques, and Exercises for a Healthy Stride

Look good, feel great, and maximize the health benefits of your walking workouts!

Includes: 2‐hours of Pilates‐Walk™ gait training, body
assessment & Healthy Movement Habit exercises, and Pilates‐Walk™ practice. PLUS a copy of the book Pilates‐Walk™: Walking for Wellness. (book value $20)


Fantastic Feet! and Pilates-Walk™ Basics ComboBest Value – Attend BOTH Workshops

Attend both Fantastic Feet! and Pilates-Walk™ Basics


Stress-Free Shoulders and Shoulder Mechanics

Workshop Location:Saturday, March 29, 2014 in Topeka, KS

Pilates Performance & Rehab

(785) 267‐5896 | 5638 SW 29th, Suite A, Topeka, KS

Can’t attend the workshops? Sign up for an upcoming virtual Fantastic Feet workshop or, contact Aliesa George online or call (316) 734‐5360 to host a live workshop event in your city.