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Pilates Breathing Tips To Decompress the Spine, Reduce Neck Pain, & Improve Posture

Are your current breathing habits helping you stay healthy, or potentially causing back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain?  Is your current breath pattern helping improve your posture with every breath you take?

Breathing is something we take for granted.  It happens automatically to keep us alive.  Inhaling is the first thing we do when we’re born, and exhaling is the last things we do when we die.  Every minute, of every day  for our entire life, our heart beats to pump life nourishing blood through our system, and our lungs and diaphragm work to provide oxygen to our blood & cells.

It’s nice to know that we don’t have to think really hard to keep breathing and stay alive, but better breathing habits definitely have added benefits to improve our health. 

These Pilates Breathing Tips Can Help:

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Foot Fitness Exercise: Flexing the Ankle for an Effective Calf Stretch

Today’s foot fitness tip is especially important for runners, walkers.  It also can benefit people with lower back issues.  I’m going to share my “secrets for success” in improving leg, ankle, and foot flexibility with an easy and effective calf stretch. Whether you’re fit with no injuries, or are experiencing back pain, or just have tight lower back muscles from lifestyle habits or vigorous workouts taking the time to stretch your ankles and calf muscles can help keep both your legs and lower back in great shape!  Check out this video clip to discover how to get the most from your calf stretch.

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Scoliosis: Brace, Fuse, or Exercise?

There is controversy over the use of braces to correct excessive curvature of the spine (scoliosis) in teenagers because research has failed to prove that they work.  “Bracing is regarded as effective by some and as useless by others.” According to Stefano Negrini, MD the scientific director of the ISICO (Italian Scientific Spine Institute) in Milan.

The cause of most adolescent scoliosis is unknown. It affects 3-5 out of every 1,000 children, and is more common and more severe in girls.

Scoliosis can be:

  • Idiopathic – Of unknown cause.
  • Functional – From poor posture and body alignment habits.
  • Structural – Caused by disease, or birth defects.

So why is bracing used if the experts aren’t positive it’s actually working?

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Reduce Back Pain: The Benefits of Breathing as Taught in Pilates

Get Relief for Back Pain with Pilates Breathing Exercises from Aliesa George and Centerworks.comBack Pain is something that affects way too many people these days!  According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the fifth most  common reason for all physician visits in the US, and the most frequent cause of activity limitation in people younger than 45 years old.

In fact according to the AMA, 70 to 85 percent of all people have back pain at some time in their life. Yikes, what a staggeringly high number of people, and I suspect that unfortunately, these numbers are probably going up rather than down!

As one of those in this majority, who suffers with congenital back issues, I have spent most of my life actively doing things to help keep my body strong, fit, and flexible.  I have discovered over the years, that there are some things my body loves to do, and other things that are guaranteed to cause me grief.  And what I have learned is that the more I exercise and stay active, generally, the better my back feels, and the happier and healthier my whole-body is.

Let’s face it, when your body hurts, it’s under stress.   While some muscle tension is good and appropriate to maintain posture and help us move around, overly tight muscles create unnecessary stress and too much tension which unfortunately can lead to back pain. When any of the bones in our body are held too tightly together by muscle contraction, or misalignment, freedom of movement will be restricted and over time, with the inability to enjoy free and easy movement, poor posture and pain can be the result.  It’s no secret that stress causes tension…

Discover how to reduce neck pain, and back pain with Pilates breathing techniques.

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Pilates Exercise Programs for Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Considering the large number of clients I’ve seen with chronic back and neck pain, and the great results they’ve had from participating in Pilates programs with me, I strongly agree with the findings from this recent research article I read in SOAP notes from PT Products.

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