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Are You Ready To Start Incorporating Hanging Exercises and Handstands Into Your Pilates Workouts?

playground kidPracticing hanging exercises and handstands can be a valuable part of your Pilates (and Fitness) workouts.  We typically spend a lot of time developing strength for the arms and shoulders.  Are we really making progress with this goal? We may have nicely toned arms, but do we have good functional movement and an upper body we can depend on for a healthy, active life? 

·        If you were being chased by a bear in the woods, do you think you have enough upper body strength to climb up a tree? 

·        Do you have the hand and grip strength to hold on to a tree branch and dangle in mid-air? 

I realize that for most of us we’ve got a pretty low probability of running into a bear in the woods, but does that mean we should skip out on the important training benefits of hanging?  And for the arm and shoulder strength that hanging exercises develop right-side up, handstands help develop upside down.

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Twisting Exercise Tips – Improve Core Rotation for Strong Abs and A Healthy Back

 Rotisserie Pulse:  A Core Training Exercise from Pulse Power™ The Daily Dozen – 10 Minute Workout

twist picThis is one of my favorite twisting exercises to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and improve body awareness for efficient, sequential rotation of the spine.  A lot of the times I see clients initiate rotation for Abdominal exercises by pulling with the head, arms and shoulders.  BUT, the arms have nothing to do with getting stronger Abs!  Yes, perhaps if you do enough repetitions, eventually you’ll start to feel that your Abdominals work too, but they’ll work better if they initiate the movement.  Watch this video demo for twisting exercise tips to improve your core support.

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3 Benefits of Using a Foam Roller Warm-Up for Your Workouts

foam rollerOne of my favorite things to do to wake up my deep core muscles, improve balance, the brain-body connection and feel the independent movement of my hips and shoulders is to do a quick 5-15 minute foam roller warm-up before a workout.

Whether I’m going to do Pilates equipment work, Pilates Mat work, go out for a walk or run, lift weights, play racquetball…any activity… using a foam roller can be a quick and easy way to ensure you’ve got the right things turned on to support your body and train healthy movement habits.

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Pulse Power Fitness Webinar

Pulse Power Title PagePulse-Power Training & the Piezoelectric Effect

Harnessing Your Inner Power for Strength, Flexibility & Fitness

Discover new levels of personal power to improve your strength, flexibility, and fitness in the Pulse Power Online Workshop. Incorporate these easy and effective Pulse-Power exercises into your workouts and you will rapidly improve core support, balance, and body control. This simple training technique and targeted exercise system will “electrify” your workouts!

Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Time: Noon-1:15pm CST
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As a BONUS: This fitness webinar includes the e-book The Daily Dozen 10 Minute Pulse-Power Workout Plan (an $8 value) to help you get started enjoying the benefits of better health with Pulse-Power training.

Pulse-Power is an effective daily workout or warm-up before more intense exercise. If you run, walk, dance, do Pilates, lift weights, or any other sport or activity…Pulse-Power Training can help you stay healthy, active and injury-free.

Click here to register for the Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect  75-minute Webinar presented by Pulse Power author Aliesa George, PMA-CPT.

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The Spiral Effect of the Spine to Swing your Arms for a Healthy Stride

Use Spine Twisting To Improve Your Walking & Running Technique

Arm Swing, Running picThere are lots of things you can pay attention to when you walk and run that can improve your pace, stride, form and function.  A great arm swing is one of the key factors in not only freeing the arms and shoulders, but also strengthening your core support and reducing stress and tension in through your whole spine.

If your back hurts after a long walk or run or you notice more tension in your neck and shoulders before, during or after getting your miles in, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on the important “spiral effect” of the spine while you’re swinging your arms.

It’s interesting to observe bodies in motion.  And sometimes, seeing what to look for, can make it easier to feel in your own body exactly what your movement habits are.

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Core Exercise Video: Pulse Power Ab Workout

Pulse Power Fitness!Are you ready to get your body in shape?  Are you looking for fun new core exercises  to help build strength and improve your fitness?  Tired of doing the same old crunches?

Pulse your way to a tighter, stronger mid-section and better whole-body health with just 10 minutes of Pulse Power training.

Check out this Pulse Power workout core exercise video for the first 4 abdominal exercises in the book.  This video will get you revved up to learn the next 8 exercises.

You will be amazed that such “little” pulses in your Pulse Power Workout
can produce such a BIG burn.

Pulse Power fitness is a fast and effective targeted training program to keep your body strong, fit, flexible and injury-free.  A Pulse Power workout is perfect first thing in the morning, or as a warm-up before a more intense cardio or weight-training workout.

This newly-released Kindle e-book is fully illustrated with easy to follow exercise descriptions for your at home workouts.  The targeted Pulse Power fitness training exercises are designed to improve your body awareness and increase your deep muscle support to improve posture, strength, and flexibility for better balance and body control.

Improve your whole-body health, look good and feel great with the twelve simple exercises in the 10-Minute Pulse Power Daily Dozen.  These exercises are easy to do at home, at the gym, or on the road if you travel.

The Pulse Power Daily Dozen e-book is currently available for Kindle.

Get your copy now – Click HERE.

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Injury and Exercise: How to Bounce Back and Be Stronger than Ever

fitness timeDiscover Ways to Creatively “Work Out” Around Your Limitations to Stay On Track for a Healthy, Active Life

It’s much nicer when we are able to stay healthy, active and fit.  But sometimes whether it’s a medical health issue, surgery, accident or over-training injury we find ourselves hurt…  Out of commission, unable to do even simple daily chores much less a vigorous heart-pounding workout.  The pain and frustration of NOT being able to do what we want can send your training program into a tailspin.  When we are young it seems easy to just grin and bear it, pretend like the pain isn’t really there and keep on keeping on.  But with age comes wisdom (well, sometimes…) and, if we are smart, we figure out better strategies to rest, recover and get back in action.

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Spine Flexion: “Secret” Training Tips

Centerworks® “Secret” Training Tips for Mobilizing the Ribcage
Part One:  Spine Flexion

Spine Felxion

When we bend into forward flexion for Pilates exercises like the Hundred, Roll Up or Teaser every segment of the spine has to move individually to open the back ribs and bend the spine.

In the front of the body, the ribs are attached to the breastbone (which is a solid piece) so the same bending can’t occur.  The breast bone must “slide down the front of the body” to bring the front ribs closer together. 

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Just Released – Pulse Power Fitness! Book available NOW the Kindle Store

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new book Pulse Power, which is available now in the Kindle Store.

Pulse Power fitness is a fast and effective targeted training program to keep your body strong, fit, flexible and injury-free. This Kindle ebook is fully illustrated with easy-to-follow exercise descriptions for your at-home workouts.

This workout routine is for anyone that wants to improve their health and fitness with a quick and easy 10 minute daily training plan that you can do first thing in the morning, or as a warm-up for a more intense workout.

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Tips For Exercise Tracking to Improve Muscle Memory and Motivation

Enhancing the Learning Curve: The Power of Journaling for Independent Pilates Workouts










I saw a comment and question on a post for an article I wrote recently asking me, “if I say that I learn something new every day, what did I learn today?”  And while I haven’t started tracking this yet for truly acknowledging every single one of my daily Ah-ha moments, it’s got me thinking about how powerful paying attention to this can be as a tool for exercise tracking and our wellness success.

Learning something new can apply to more than just Pilates training.  But Pilates is a great place to connect-the-dots and tap into the power of awareness for the brain-body connection of realizing that we’ve learned something new.

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