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Centerworks Holiday Health CHALLENGE

Give Yourself the Gift of Good Heath

The Holidays…the season that we tend to spend more time eating cookies than exercising. When socializing becomes all about food and family and we find ourselves forgetting about our fitness.

In honor of not falling off your wellness wagon through the holidays, I hope you’ll join me for the Centerworks Holiday Health Challenge! It’s easy, it’s on the honor system, and it’s the best gift you can give yourself this food-filled, holiday season!

Here’s the Centerworks Holiday Health Challenge –  Ready… 4,3,2,1, GO… 

  • 4 Days a week (minimum)
  • 30 minutes of Cardio
  • 20 Minutes of Strength & Conditioning
  • 10 Minutes of Stretching

Workout a minimum of 4 Days a week from NOW until the NEW Year!  You pick the days you’re going to do the work, and the activities you enjoy.  And if you get carried away and do a 45 min walk/jog instead of 30 min – SWEET! You’ve just given yourself a bonus fifteen minute health boost!  (But, here’s the catch, your extra minutes do not carry over for you to “skip out” on another day’s workout.)  Also, your Workouts for this challenge do NOT have to be completed in one continuous hour. It is perfectly ok, to break it up throughout your day.  JUST strive to get everything done that you’ve committed to with this challenge to take care of YOU before your head hits the pillow.  OH, and if you’re bursting with extra energy and nothing else to do…feel free to do MORE than 4 days of workouts a week, but at a bare minimum this challenge is to get you to commit 4 of the 168 hours you’ve got each week to take care of your mind and body through the Holidays.

Those who successfully complete the challenge and turn in a copy of your workout log by January 7th, will be entered into a special prize drawing (prizes to be announced at a later date).

Start at any time.  There is no cost and no catch to participate in this Centerworks Challenge… Just be consistent with your commitment. After all, the person that is going to benefit the most from participating is YOU!

I hope you’ll join me!


Download the Holiday Health Challenge Tracker

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What Are Your Excuses to Avoid Taking Care of Your Health?

Are you stuck in a cycle of Unhealthy, Sick, Tired, Injured, In Pain, or Full of Complaints?


What’s your excuse? Or are there multiple excuses getting in the way of you taking responsibility and care of your body and your health? Is it easy to complain about what hurts, not ever getting around to doing something about it? Or, the plan is to rest until nothing hurts and then you’ll start exercising? (Meanwhile, your body is getting weaker, stiffer, heavier, more lethargic…and the aches and pains you started with don’t seem to be getting better at all!)

Excuses I often hear people say are: “Pilates is so expensive.” “I can’t afford private lessons.” “I’m too busy, and don’t have time to schedule Pilates 2-3 days a week.” “My job keeps me working long hours, I’m too tired to exercise.” “My kids have a lot of extracurricular activities and I’m the one that has to be their chauffeur.”

It’s not just doing Pilates that these excuses come up for, it’s anything that might be a positive step to take better care of your health, regardless of how you choose to do it!

All these excuses are keeping you from living your optimal life! There are a million reasons that can steal your time, and one big reason to make time and take care of you anyway.

Your #1 Priority Needs to be YOUR HEALTH! Today, Tomorrow, and Always.

Think of it this way… If you’re not healthy, how the heck are you going to be able to earn a living, take care of yourself, your kids, your family? Do you really want to spend a good chunk of your income on doctors, medications, surgeries…things that aren’t really going to improve your quality of life? I’m not saying to stop taking your medications. There are reasons why we need medicine! But the healthier you are, the less likely you are to need as much and there may be a chance that (under doctor’s supervision) you can get off your meds completely!

I spoke with a friend recently, someone I really look up to as a health professional. We’ve known each other for more than 20 years. And over the last few years, his health has taken a turn for the worse. He was the last person I’d ever expect to really get sick. In the process, he almost lost everything. But with a determined attitude and a shift in priorities, he’s put himself first – but it was because he had to! And the comments he made to me that made the biggest impact, “With everything else I’ve had to sacrifice, I never compromised on what I’ve been eating.” As tight as his budget has been, without money to spend on necessities – he never sacrificed eating clean, healthy, organic, nutritious foods! And now instead of “working” and helping clients for 8,10, 12 hours a day, he might work 3-4 hours. What takes up the other 20 hours a day? Taking care of himself. Diligently striving to regain the strength, health, and mobility he lost by not listening to his body and doing something about it sooner!

Can we recover from serious injuries, accidents, and illnesses – YES. People do it all the time. The people that enjoy a full recovery don’t let excuses stop them. They are motivated to keep a positive attitude and do whatever is necessary, whatever it takes, to get well and stay well.

The conversation with my friend really stuck with me. On some level, we all know that “You are what you eat!” and that “The body is a Temple.” But truly, how well are we really taking care of ourselves? Do we really rest to fully recover when we’re sick? If we get hurt, do we go to the doctor – follow recommendations – stop doing things that hurt to aggravate whatever injury we’ve incurred? Avoid eating the things we know are un-healthy, or that we’re sensitive or allergic to? Are we pro-active to get check-ups, eat healthy, exercise, get adequate rest to ensure that we’re doing all we can to maintain our good health? Or is life spent partying like there’s no tomorrow, until you’re facing the fact that your body can’t handle the stress and abuse you’ve put on it and there might not be a tomorrow?

I’ve battled with depression and more weird, physical ailments that I can count. Some years I’m in pretty good shape; other years the ride is a rollercoaster of emotions and physical health challenges. It’s almost a game of bouncing between pro-active and reactive! When the body feels good, it’s easy to just coast along, do whatever you want and not worry about how it might be affecting you. Until the moment that something hurts or isn’t functioning properly, then the mindset shifts into reactive mode, scrambling to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it – willing to spend every cent to make the pain go away. How much of this could be prevented with a more proactive lifestyle and a few less excuses?

It’s not just exercise, it’s not just diet, it’s not just getting enough sleep, it’s not just managing stress… It’s about being more responsible to take care of everything. To balance work and play, rest and exercise, social time and alone time. It’s about nourishing body, mind, and Spirit.

Sometimes we really do know what to do, we’re just not doing it. Other times we need a little extra support, advice, counseling, or expertise to help guide us in the right direction.

Getting to the point where we confidently understanding what to do to start bridging the gap between thinking about doing it – and doing what’s required with dedication and consistency will lead us to the happy, healthy life that each of us is destined to live.

Exercise has always been a priority in my life. But I must admit that in other areas, I’ve not been quite as diligent in the self-care arena. What excuses are you ready to let go of? What areas of your life are important to re-evaluate, and prioritize to be more pro-active to take better care of your health? What can you start doing today to release the excuses that have kept you stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits? The time is NOW to move yourself up to #1 on your priority list – You are Worth It!


Sign Up for the Centerworks Wellness Success eNews – Enjoy motivation, inspiration, and exercise tips to keep you moving forward to a healthier, happier YOU!

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Take the 2017 Centerworks Holiday Health CHALLENGE

Centerworks Holiday Health ChallengeWhat better way to get your Holiday’s off to a good start than to add just one more thing to the “To-Do” list, and commit to the Centerworks Holiday Health Challenge!  I know you’re laughing right now, but I’m serious…

This is the time of the year that everything else seems to take priority – parties, shopping, time with friends and family, big meals, baking cookies, eating, eating, and more eating… with a promise to yourself that your New Year’s resolution will be to take more time for you, ramp up your workouts, and get back on track with healthy habits starting “next year.”

Sure body weight can fluctuate and it might only be 1 extra pound, or up to 5 or 10 pounds…  You know your typical November and December Holiday eating and activity patterns.

One study has shown that the extra weight you put on between Haloween and Christmas can take more than 5 months to lose.  Do you really want to spend almost half the year trying to shed the extra “present” you gave yourself.  Or would you prefer to present yourself with a healthy jump-start on that promise to take better care of your body inside and out?

It’s not so much about what you eat, we all know that you’ll never out-exrcise your diet.  But what’s more important is how much you’re MOVING your body, managing your stress, making smart healthier choices with holiday treats, and managing portion sizes.

Let’s make this your best Holiday Season ever!  Give YOURSELF the Gift of Good Health.

Here’s the Centerworks Holiday Health Challenge
Ready… 4,3,2,1, GO… 

  • 4 Days a week (minimum)
  • 30 minutes of Cardio
  • 20 Minutes of Strength & Conditioning
  • 10 Minutes of Stretching

Workout a minimum of 4 Days a week from NOW until the NEW Year!  You pick the days you’re going to do the work, and the activities you enjoy.  And if you get carried away and do a 45 min walk/jog instead of 30 min – SWEET! You’ve just given yourself a bonus fifteen minute health boost!  (But, here’s the catch, your extra minutes do not carry over for you to “skip out” on another day’s workout.)

Cardio Workouts
Options include but are not limited to:
(Any activity that gets your heart-rate up and blood pumping!)

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Row
  • Jump Rope
  • Climb Stairs
  • Elliptical
  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • Hike
  • Ski
  • Skate
  • Any other Aerobic activities you enjoy!

Strength & Conditioning
(Any activity/exercise that is working your muscles to develop better muscle tone, and strength.)

  • Pilates
  • Weight Lifting
  • Calesthetics
  • Foam Roller / Fit Ball
  • Pulse-Power Daily Dozen
  • CrossFit
  • TRX
  • Any other Strength and Conditioning exercises you enjoy!

Stretching & Flexibility 
(Any activity/exercise that is focused on improving range of movement and flexibility from your head to your toes.)

Your Workouts for this challenge do NOT have to be completed in one continuous hour. It is perfectly ok, to break it up throughout your day.  Only have 15 minutes?  Go for a WALK and you’ve got half of your cardio completed for the day!  Squeeze in another 15 minutes of Cardio plus your 20 minutes Strength and 10 minutes of Stretching exercises before the sun goes down. JUST strive to get everything done that you’ve committed to with this challenge, to take care of YOU before your head hits the pillow.  OH and if you’re bursting with extra energy and nothing else to do…feel free to do MORE than 4 days of workouts a week, but at a bare minimum this challenge is to get you to commit 4 of the 168 hours you’ve got each week to take care of your mind and body through the Holidays.

Are you Ready to commit to the Centerworks Holiday Health Challenge?
I hope you’ll join me.

Start at any time.  There is no cost, and no catch, to participate in this Centerworks Challenge… Use the at-home training tools you have now.  Get outside, Hit the gym, count your Pilates and Yoga workouts, (or while you’re shopping for everybody else,  treat yourself to a new training resource from Centerworks that you know you’ll benefit from now and in the year to come!)  Just be sure you’re being consistent to meet the requirements of this challenge, because after all, the person that is going to benefit the most from this Holiday Health Challenges is YOU!

Download your Centerworks Holiday Health Challenge Workout tracker now.

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A Healthy Life Gives You the Freedom to Celebrate Your Independence

Healthy LifeAre you living a healthy life?

I love having clients that depend on me to help them improve how they move.  Linking together the pieces in the puzzle, we all must sort out to get our brains and bodies functioning as well as possible.

But ultimately, it’s not about being co-dependent and always relying on someone else to ensure you enjoy a healthy life.  Let’s face it, the 2-3 hours a week you’re in the studio with me is nothing compared to the other 165 hours in your week that you’re out there on your own.  What are you doing with your time?  How wisely are you making decisions and choices that enhance your healthy life? What else are you doing to stay active, healthy, and develop strength, flexibility, balance, and body control?  What other aspects of health need to be focused on to maintain your healthy life?  How are your hormones, digestive system, heart & circulation, eyes and ears, respiratory system, skin, and mental health? So many things matter to give you the freedom to be independent and enjoy a healthy life.

I’ve had a few super-fit athletes for clients, but more the norm are everyday folks; with everyday aches and pains, or chronically health-challenged people (that I can totally relate to from my own personal health challenges – mentally and physically!).  And if you’ve got “issues in your tissues” I think you have a better appreciation for being healthy and independent.  There’s a little more urgency in the need to keep working to find a solution.  Motivation can bounce up and down – eager to do something positive one minute, and frustrated that changes aren’t happening quick enough the next. 

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3 Secrets to Wellness Success

Wellness success secrets from

Have you been on the roller-coaster ride of health improvement wins and fails on your journey to wellness success?  Do you notice that when what you’re doing works, your excitement, motivation, and results are amazing.  And sometimes when it’s not going as well as you’d like, you find yourself screaming (on the inside) as you hit another loop-de-loop, and realize that you’re frightened more than focused; perhaps spiraling into self-sabotage, and may to not be setting yourself up with the best strategy for the wellness success results you really want?

Let’s discuss this in a little more detail, because I believe there are a LOT of different strategies out there that do work to help you reach your health and wellness goals.  But there are also a lot of crazy, life-style unfriendly options that will never help you achieve the optimal good health you desire.

Being clear on what you want and making smart choices in how to get to your goals, is the difference between your next failure and achieving wellness success.

I believe there are “3 Secrets to Wellness Success.”  When all three of these key action steps are put in place, it becomes much easier to gain momentum and get results.   I’m going to use “exercise” as my example to explain this, but please note it can be ANY health-related goal and you can swap the words out and fill in the blanks.  Whether it’s exercise, weight-loss, weight gain, improving sleep, lowering your stress level with meditation, controlling blood sugar levels, training for a marathon, competing in a triathlon, improving your golf game, or even a daily-life goal of climbing up the stairs without knee pain, or fear of falling!  YOUR health goals are personal… and your ability to achieve wellness success hinges on your clarity of what your goals really are, and why they are important to you.  Then we add in the 3 Secrets to Wellness Success, and start moving in the right direction.

3 Secrets to Wellness Success

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10 Tips to Design Your Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy LIfestyleThe best way to be successful with a healthy lifestyle is to have a plan.  It can be as loose or structured as it suits your personality, but no plan usually leads nowhere.  If you haven’t been successful in the past, now is the time to focus on your healthy lifestyle goals. Use these ten tips to designing your healthy lifestyle to help you get started formulating, re-formulating, and fine-tuning your plan for wellness success.

1.  Define Your Wellness Goals

What do you want to accomplish to live a healthy lifestyle?

2.  Answer these 4 Questions about Your Wellness Goals

  • How will you know you’ve achieved your goals?
  • What will your healthy lifestyle look like?
  • How will you feel?
  • What will you be able to do that you can’t do now?

3.  Make a list of fitness, sport, and recreational activities that you enjoy

Put as many different activities on this list as you can think of.

4.  What will your Fitness Workouts Look Like?

  • How many days a week are you committing to exercise?
  • How long will your workout sessions be?
  • What is the optimal time of day for you to exercise?

5.  Develop Your Healthy Lifestyle Professional Support System

Make a list of professionals that you can call on to assist or help guide/mentor you along your journey (Doctor, Physical Therapist, Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, Dietitian/Nutritionist, Health Coach, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Rossiter® Coach, and others…)

6.  Create Your Healthy Lifestyle Personal Support Team

Determine which of your friends and family members can be in your inner-circle for support, and perhaps as a workout-buddy to help keep you motivated to move.  Tell them what you’re doing and ask for their positive encouragement to help keep you on track.

7.  Clean out the Fridge, Freezer, and the Pantry

Donate any food you know is good but you’re not going to eat with your new healthy lifestyle, to your local Food Bank or a Shelter.

8.  Make a List of Stress-Relieving Activities that You Enjoy

These can be anything from knitting, reading a book, soaking in the tub, getting a massage, meditation, painting or drawing, singing, video games, to watching a movie… what’s on your list? Strive to do one daily or at least pick one from your list and do it a few times a week!

9.  Get Plenty of Rest

Ideally, how many hours of sleep do you need at night to wake up refreshed and re-energized? Plan your bedtime so you can wake up each morning feeling good while also allowing your body the rest it needs needs to feel refreshed and re-energized.

10.  Invest in your Healthy Lifestyle

Be sure you have what you need to get started without any more excuses.  Healthy food in the kitchen, a good supportive pair of tennis shoes, comfortable workout wear, bike tuned-up ready to roll, other sports gear easily accessible, any fitness tools you need for at-home workouts, a health club membership… Make it easy to get started TODAY!

YOU are worth the investment in time and energy it will take to design your healthy lifestyle!  While it might seem a little overwhelming to get started, if you’ve given these ten tips serious consideration and are designing your healthy lifestyle with each of them in mind, you will find it’s easy to stay on track to reach your wellness goals.  Why wait another minute? Get started now creating the healthy life of your dreams.


If you are ready to get started designing your healthy lifestyle plan and want to include Pilates and functional fitness training, contact me today to schedule an initial consultation.  Let’s work together to keep you strong, fit, flexible, and injury-free.

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Bladder Control and Exercise: The Benefits of a Strong Pelvic Floor

Bladder Control and Exercise, Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is Not OK!Bladder Control and Exercise: Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is Not OK!  (For Women, or Men)

Do you have a bladder control problem?  If you pee when you workout… Don’t just go and buy adult diapers, you need to read this!

An article about women, exercise, and urinary leakage just popped up on my Facebook page.  And as a woman, an athlete most of my life, and a mind-body mentor who is in the business of helping BOTH men and women improve functional fitness, and improve healthy movement habits, I felt compelled to comment on this.

Here’s the thing…  If you pee during your workouts, you’re not using the muscles of your pelvic floor correctly.  And these muscles don’t just affect bladder control during exercise.  The pelvic floor is the basement of the spine.  It’s the anchor point for you to be able to lift the rest of your torso UP off your hips.  In a nutshell, if your pelvic floor isn’t working correctly, you will NEVER have good postural support.  This can create, not only urinary incontinence issues, but can also be a huge contributing factor to chronic hip pain, lower back pain, upper back and shoulder pain, and even neck pain.

Correct pelvic floor support is also a stabilizing force in the center for the pelvis, to get both the legs and lumbo-pelvic complex working correctly for gait.  (Which means, having a healthy stride to walk and run, hinges on good pelvic floor, and core support!)  Your pelvic floor (along with some deep low ab support) is a part of what helps lift your pelvis UP off your legs so you can get the ball of the leg bone to swing freely in the hip socket.  And then there’s all sorts of other movement, in multiple-directions, that needs to happen with the hip bones for a truly healthy stride.

This means that learning and doing the RIGHT exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, (on a regular basis) YOU can potentially CORRECT the leakage problem.  How’s that sound?  Bladder control based on YOUR muscles doing the job they were designed to do.

Would you rather invest in adult diapers for the rest of your natural life, or discover how you, can strengthen your own muscles to stay healthy? (Let’s keep you out of diapers for as long as possible.  Doesn’t that sound like a good choice?)

Because there is a ton of bad information out there, and sadly, many fitness professionals are still telling telling people to do Kegel exercises to improve bladder control…

As a public service announcement Please Note:

A KEGEL is NOT going to help you improve what needs to be working correctly at the bottom of your crotch to support bladder control, posture, alignment, and functional firing patterns for movement and exercise.  Practicing Kegels might help improve your sex life, but otherwise, ladies, there is no good reason to practice sucking your vaginal muscles up inside your center, or for you men, pretending you just jumped into a cold swimming pool and your testicles are trying to hide up inside. (Men, if you’re reading this, the reality of the situation is urinary incontinence and poor pelvic floor use is every bit an issue for you too.)

And AUUUUGH  even worse, NEVER stop peeing in the middle of your stream, to practice strengthening your pelvic floor.  Best way to end up with a bladder infection!  Pee full stream from start to finish into the toilet people.  Practice pelvic floor strengthening exercises any other time of the day. 

When you know and understand what you’re doing for proper pelvic floor contractions, this muscle support should be used throughout your day, and on every single fitness exercise you do!  It will be easy to accomplish sometimes, and very difficult on other exercises.  But not learning how to use your pelvic floor muscles correctly is a crime, because it’s not that difficult to learn, and practice will help these muscles get stronger to better support bladder control, posture, and gait. 

Remember, the right balance of strength and flexibility with every muscle group = good health and a body that functions normally, in all situations.

Recently, I started seeing a Physical Therapist for my own personal pelvic issues.  And while my post-menopausal pelvic floor issues were not related to bladder control and SUI, I can say with confidence that in my opinion, every women over 40, (or if you’ve had children, perhaps after each pregnancy,) would be well-served to see a PT that specializes in this area.  Issues down in our “nether region” are not something that we spend a lot of time talking about with friends, family, or our physician.  And whether its pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, or something else… these issues are NOT “normal.”  You shouldn’t have to just grin and bear it, believing that you’re just getting older and there is nothing you can do to fix it.  I complained for almost 10 years to my OB/GYN before he finally suggested I try Physical Therapy! TEN YEARS!!!  Nobody in their right mind should wait that long to address a chronic problem.  Speak up, and be the squeaky wheel until somebody takes you seriously enough, you’ve tried multiple solutions, and you’ve gotten the positive results you’re after.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!  (Please don’t lose hope, or stop trying to improve your health, until after you’ve taken your last dying breath!) 

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles!  For each and every part of our body we are challenged with dominant and weaker muscle groups, and when things are out of balance – injuries result.  With every muscle we’re faced with a “use it or lose it” dilemma.  So if you don’t even know it exists, much less how to use it properly, doesn’t it make sense that it’s going to get weaker?

The first real sign you’re going to notice for a weak pelvic floor just might be when you start leaking!  Before then, why even bother with it.  Well if you don’t have bladder control problems yet, how about being PRO-ACTIVE to find and keep the right muscles working in the basement to support your body and your bladder.  Reduce your risk for hip and back injuries, SI joint issues, and urinary incontinence by strengthening your weak or imbalanced pelvic floor muscles.  It’s never too late to learn a new trick!  You just need somebody to teach you the secret of strengthening your Pelvic Floor for better bladder control.


Discover the Secret to Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor… Check out my eCourse: How to Effectively Engage the Pelvic Floor to Help Strengthen the Core

How to Effectively Engage the Pelvic Floor to Help Strengthen the Core

And here’s a link to the article by Katherine Martinko that inspired this post:
Women, you’re not supposed to leak while exercising! Ignore what CrossFit says


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Choose to MOVE: What Movement Means for Whole-Body Health

Choose to MOVE your muscles to stay strong, healthy, & fit!Choose to MOVE your muscles to stay strong, healthy, & fit!

As we head into a NEW Year, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts about choosing to MOVE, and what movement means for your whole-body health.  Kicking off a new year, gives us a clean slate, a fresh start, it’s a moment in time when many people get re-energized and re-commit to doing a better job in the coming year of taking care of themselves..  This is a wonderful thing to do.  But it’s not just saying it that matters!  It’s putting your thoughts into ACTION and following through.  Every day we make choices with what we think, what we say, and what we do.  The question becomes, are these three things congruent to move you forward, or causing you to self-sabotage your success?

My wish for you in the coming year, or whenever it is that you stumble across this blog post, is that starting TODAY, you will make a promise to yourself to stay committed, to keeping YOU Healthy!

You can do it!  Just keep taking one small step at a time to move you forward.  Every choice you make is a decision that will be moving you closer to your goals or farther away.  So take a moment and pause before you eat that next cookie, or skip a workout, and ask yourself, “Is this decision serving my highest good, and my desire to achieve my goals?”  If the answer is “YES,” then proceed.  But if it’s “NO,” then perhaps you might want to reconsider the choice you are about to make…

Here’s what the word MOVE means to me:

Muscles Only Value Exercise

Yep, it’s hard to deny this!  The road to a strong, fit, and flexible body is MOVEMENT!  Without it we become incapable of taking care of ourselves, and our physical health on every level becomes compromised.

Movement and exercise not only develops a stronger body, but it improves the health of your heart and lungs, helps to regulate your blood sugars, aids digestion, improves your posture, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, aids concentration, alleviates depression, and so much more…

Having a healthy body with balanced muscle development, will reduce your risk of injury, alleviate aches and pains, and allow you to do what you want, when you want for a healthy and active lifestyle.  If something hurts or you’re injured and you stop moving because of it, that may be the best choice for a bit, but eventually, you’re going to have to get back after it.  (and probably work a little harder to re-balance your muscles to ensure a complete recovery.)  Everybody has dominant and weaker muscles, the problem is we tend to always play to our strengths.  Keep in mind that if you focus on moving some muscles, but don’t adequately work your entire body!  Sooner or later, you can expect to be sitting on the sidelines, or running to the doctor scrambling to get your good health back.


  • Learn how to find and fire the right muscles in sequence to ensure that you are really maximizing your MOVEment training time.  This is a great investment in your whole-body health.  Seek the help of a Movement Mentor to help you become more aware of your good and bad habits so you can make every minute of every workout really count.  Find a great Pilates teacher, personal trainer, or functional movement specialist to coach and train you.
  • Learn to listen to what your body needs, and then take action.  This can be the best give you give to yourself.  Do this for you not just every-once-in-a-while, but every day, because you’re WORTH it, and it’s the best way to ensure you keep moving forward for improved whole-body health!
  • Discover how powerful it is to LIVE in a Healthy Body that can MOVE with grace and ease!

As you formulate your wellness plan, and set new goals for the New Year, remember that Muscles Only Value Exercise.  To enjoy optimal whole-body health, and maintain a healthy and active life, you’re going to have to CHOOSE to make exercise, (with a focus on developing healthy movement habits,) a regular part of each and every day!  Make a commitment to yourself to keep MOVING for a lifetime of good health.


Get your New Year’s health improvement commitment started with Pulse-Power! the Daily Dozen 10-Minute Workout Plan.  Download a copy today, and choose to MOVE.

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Getting Fit Simply – Online Health Summit

Get FitDon’t Miss The FREE Getting Fit Simply Online Summit!

Discover top secrets to health & fitness and become strong & beautiful from the inside out & have the body you have always wanted by 21 experts in fitness, nutrition and motivation, including wellness success strategies from ME, Aliesa George and Centerworks®!

This Getting Fit Simply health summit, launching August 11th, 2014 is going to be inspiring and Super Informative!  It will give you access to top secrets, tips, and success strategies for fitness, exercise, nutrition, and more. Dispel some old fitness myths and increase your motivation to help jump start and stick with your Healthy, Fit, and Energetic Lifestyle.

The summit has been put together by my friend Isabella Palmgren, who is a fellow Pilates instructor and personal trainer.  She has gathered 21 international exerts in the field of Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, nutrition, wellness, hypnosis, motivation, and more to discuss and share tips on the topic of Getting Fit Simply!

During this online summit, you will get the chance to listen to top experts share their  Wellness tips and secrets, with each expert’s unique understanding of how to become Fit, Healthy and Happy, PLUS as an added bonus, you will get loads of FREE gifts from the experts.

Get ready to glean some great health tips and training tidbits for inspiration and motivation.  This is your invitation to join me and all the other experts as we reveal our TOP SECRETS you need to know to enjoy Wellness Success!

Click NOW to register for the FREE Getting Fit Simply summit.

I hope to see you at the Summit!

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Merry Fitness! 10 Great Fitness Gift Ideas from Centerworks®

santaAre you still out shopping and looking for great fitness gift ideas for the health enthusiasts in your life?
What could be better than wellness solutions for better mind-body health from your head to your toes.

These are perfect fitness gifts for Pilates students, Runners, Walkers, Athletes, Dancers, and regular everyday folks who are inspired to improve their health and fitness at home, at the gym, or on the road. Check out these easy to use, products, books, and resources from the whole-body health experts at Centerworks® and give the gift of good health for the Holidays!

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