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Exercise Safety in Pilates Class and Beyond

Hazard SignI find it so interesting how the Universe gifts us with new opportunities to learn and grow…  Since writing the recent series of articles on mobilizing the ribcage, I’ve had the privilege to start working with not one, but TWO new clients who have Harrington Rods.

For those of you reading this article who are unfamiliar with the term, historically this rod has been surgically implanted along the spinal column to treat scoliosis.  Once you’re spine has been “shored up” with a rod, there is no longer movement at those vertebrae.    For these clients everything that is needed to maintain normal “healthy” movement of the spine and ribs becomes moot.   All the great benefits of Pilates posterior lateral breathing for elongation of the spine to maintain healthy posture has to be re-thought and re-taught because try as you might, the ribcage and spine won’t be moving.  That doesn’t mean the muscles along the spine aren’t active – we still need to maintain good strength and support.  But everything becomes quite different from a cuing, exercise selection and exercise safety standpoint.

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Pilates Teacher Training: Top 10 Benefits of a Great Foundation

Centerworks® Foundations 101: Pilates Teacher-Training Prep WorkshopAre you ready to leave the desk job behind and start down a path towards your dream job as a Pilates teacher?

Start your Pilates Teacher Training journey here, with the Centerworks Foundations 101 Workshop.  Check out the Top 10 Benefits of this interactive and action packed 3-day class that will kick-start your Pilates Career.

Top Ten List of the Amazing Benefits of Participating in the Foundations 101 Workshop


10.  The skills, exercises and functional body knowledge that you gain is a priceless investment to become a well qualified Pilates Teacher.

9.  Studying with a Master Teacher can cut years off the learning curve. The knowledge and expertise Aliesa George has to share will increase you confidence and skills right from the start.

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Jumpstart Your Pilates Teacher Training Program with Foundations 101

Is it time for a career change?  Have you pondered the possibility of becoming a personal trainer, exercise educator or Pilates instructor? Are you currently in the health and wellness field, but want to enhance your skills and services?

Jumpstart your goals with theCenterworks® Foundations 101 Workshop.  This 3-day workshop is designed for adults considering a Pilates teaching career.

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Centerworks Pilates Teacher-Training Workshop: Basic Pilates Matwork

Register NOW…To get started with a rewarding career
as a Pilates Professional!

Basic Pilates Mat Workshop

Dates: May 4 – 6, 2012
Hours: Fri.,10am-6pm, Sat.,10am-6pm, Sun., 10am-4pm

Registration: By Phone:
Call Aliesa – cell: (316) 734-5360
or call Kasondra at Prime Concepts Group: (316) 942-1111

This is YOUR chance to become a GREAT Pilates Mat Teacher!

  • Enjoy a Rewarding Career in Mind-Body Health & Wellness – Teach Pilates Matwork!
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully teach a Basic Pilates Mat class.
  • Starting with Fundamental and Beginner Pilates Matwork exercises – Develop Your Expertise.
  • Acquire strong teaching skills for seeing, cueing, and spotting.
  • Learn how to progress new Pilates Mat students into a solid Basic program.
  • Discover the brilliance of the Pilates Matwork system and how the development of the mind-body connection is key for whole-body health & wellness.
  • Enjoy the benefits of helping others improve their whole-body health and quality of life with Pilates!

Required Workshop Resources

  • Centerworks® Basic Matwork Manual
  • Book/DVD set – Posture Principles for Health, by Aliesa George
  • Book – Return to Life Through Contrology, by Joseph H. Pilates

                                Required Materials for the Basic Mat workshop are not included in workshop fees.
                               These resources can be purchased separately at
                               or ordered by phone when you register for the workshop.

Workshop Location:

Centerworks® Studio,
2637 N. Shefford, Wichita, KS 67205

Payment Options: Cash/Check/CC-Visa, MasterCard, AmEx

  •  Full Payment of $750
  •  Payment Plan $250 Deposit (due now) + $500 balance (on or before May 4th)

*There are two additional Matwork Workshops – Intermediate & Advanced to complete the “Matwork only” portion of
this program. The Basic Mat Workshop is the first in a series of eight Centerworks Pilates Teacher-Training
Workshops to become a comprehensively trained Pilates Teacher. Dates for the additional 2 Mat workshops and 5
equipment workshops to complete the series will be scheduled to meet the needs of the group enrolled in the Basic
Mat workshop who intend to complete the full Centerworks® Pilates Teacher-Education Program.

**To provide you with an excellent hands-on learning experience, a minimum of 4, and maximum of 8 participants
enrolled by April 30th is required for this workshop to be held. Please register early to reserve your spot!

Download a Copy of the Workshop Flyer: Centerworks_Pilates_TT_Basic-Mat-Flyer-May 4-6-2012

Call to Register Today! Aliesa – cell (316) 734-5360, or Kasondra (316) 942-1111

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I Want to Be a Pilates Teacher!

Is this something that you’ve said or thought lately?  “I Love Pilates, and want to become a Pilates Teacher!”

Teaching Pilates is a great career choice.

I have had more fun in the past 16 years teaching Pilates than at any other job I’ve ever had.  In fact, it’s hard to consider teaching Pilates a “job.”  This is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  Every day it’s a new opportunity to help other people improve their quality of life and whole-body health.   And my body had the priviledge of figuring it all out first, (since you’ve got to be a Pilates student, before you can become a great Pilates teacher!)

My Thoughts on Being a Pilates Teacher

Do I know everything there is to know about Pilates?  Nope… but I think that’s a good thing!

But I  Do know A LOT, and have tons of valuable information to share. 

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PMA CEC Workshops for Pilates Instructors with Aliesa George and Centerworks

I’m thrilled to announce that the Pilates Method Alliance just approved my PMA CEC Provider Application and have approved three Centerworks® Pilates workshops for continuing education credits!

Whether you’re a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher in need of continuing education credits to maintain your PMA certification, or just looking for some great information to add to your expertise, these three courses are packed with usable tips and information that can help you improve your eye, make great Pilates exercise choices for your client training programs, and help deepen your understanding of the brilliance of the Pilates system.

Here are the three courses that have been PMA-CEC Approved:

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Questions About Becoming a Pilates Teacher

I recently had someone drop me a contact request for Pilates Teacher Training information and thought she had some great questions that might be helpful to post in my Centerworks Pilates blog.

Think I may turn this into a regular section and update & add posts with questions as they come in.

It’s so important that students interested in making the transition from client to Pilates teacher ask good questions and gather lots of information before making the decision about who to enroll with for their Pilates Teacher Training Workshops and apprenticeship.

With the commitment of time, energy, and finances it takes to invest in your Pilates education – you want to be sure you’ve found the best program for you!

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