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Health and Hypothyroidism

Medical Labwork

Well after months of dragging my butt around and feeling like crap, weight gain, extremely low blood pressure, a serious bout of depression, lack of enthusiasm for life and only doing low intensity exercise – because anything vigorous really hasn’t been an option…  I’ve finally have found a health-care provider with enough brain-cells to start seriously looking for the root of the problem.  It’s almost a relief to know that my mood swings, and symptoms are not just “all in my head,” but there is an actual medical reason why I feel so out of balance – Hypothyroidism.

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Are You Running To Your Grave?

According to an article published recently in the Wall Street Journal, the opinion of cardiologists is almost unanimous that instead of getting great health benefits from their hours and hours of training time, endurance athletes may in fact be causing excessive ‘wear-and-tear’ on the heart.

Running faster (more than 8 miles per hour) or longer, might increase your risk of an earlier death.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper suggests, that “if you are running more than 15 miles a week, you are doing it for some reason other than health.”

I have to wonder if as the relationship to health, a healthy heart, and mortality rates for runners is researched further, if the link will be made to any and all cardiovascular exercises, or training programs that push the body and heart to the extreme… Ultra training, cycling, triathlons, and other endurance sports may or may not have the impact, but they certainly do have the high heart-rate for extended periods of time.

Oh middle age – we want to keep our bodies looking and feeling like they did when we were in our twenties!  Some of us have learned the hard way that the old bod just isn’t up to snuff to push it like we did when we were younger.  But other folks seem to be getting stronger and fitter as they age.  Either way, it’s use it or lose it.  We’ve got to do something to keep ourselves strong, fit, and flexible.

I know for me, I quit running when I was in my 20’s because I was so slow that I couldn’t be competitive to race and it pissed me off.  Eighty-year old women were running faster than I could for a 10K!  I knew I was never going to win a race.  Plus, usually I’d run for a week or two and end up with an injury.  Foot pain, knee pain, a pulled Hamstring, or low back problems… something always seemed to sideline me when I started getting in a running groove.  Perhaps that twenty year training break I took from running will turn out to be a blessing to my health and longevity!

So what have I done instead?  For the past twenty years I’ve been fine-tuning my posture, body alignment, and functional movement habits.  Always did some sort of cardio training, just not running.  It’s nice to be older AND confident that instead of creating injuries and dealing with chronic foot and back pain (that I expected to be worse at this age) that I actually FEEL better now than I did when I was younger.  I now know what type of cross-training exercises and activities need to be in my weekly workouts to avoid overtraining and overuse injuries, and how to tweak my technique to ensure that the right muscles are always working.  All of this dedicated time and focus has helped me NOW get back to running and not get hurt!

Personally, I like being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and running is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.  I’ve come to accept that I run like a snail, and will probably never be Speedy González!

This past year I’ve started really paying attention to my heart rate – Running has always quickly put my heart-rate in the 160-180 beats per minute range.  I’ve only run two half-marathons but for both I sustained this crazy heart-rate for the entire distance!  Two races were enough for me to know that this kind of training wasn’t in my best interest.  So I’ve slowed down to a ridiculously slow pace that keeps my heart-rate in a safer zone, and am learning to enjoy the benefits of just moving.  I’ve had to accept what I can do, my personal “healthy” pace, and let go of the desire to keep up with the pack.

I know that as a post-menopausal women in my 40’s, that my bones need a little extra impact to try and maintain my bone density – the easiest way to get a little more pounding on my frame it is with a two to four mile, 2-3 day a week jogging workout.   With the insights from this recent Wall Street Journal article I’ve got no worries.  I’m WELL under the 8 MPH safety speed limit!  And not in training mode for another ½-marathon, so know I’m under the 15 mile a week mark too.

When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine living long enough to make it past high-school.  Now that I’m older, I have no desire to speed my progress towards the finish line of life!  I’m happy that this new research supports my well-balanced, moderately-paced, Intentional Movement Training SytemsTM workout plan.  By staying active without over-taxing my heart I am hopefully looking at enjoying a long, active, and healthy life.


Click here to read the full article from the Wall Street Journal.  “One Running Shoe in the Grave – New Studies on Older Endurance Athletes Suggest the Fittest Reap Few Health Benefits” by Kevin Helliker.

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  • What are YOUR thoughts on a healthy heart and endurance workouts?
  • Are you a runner, triathlete, or just love long, high-intensity cardio workouts?
  • Are you doing more or less intense training as you get older?

Drop me a comment and share your opinion.  I’d love to hear from you!

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GMOs and Genetic Roulette – Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Genetically Modified Food, Food Allergies, Health, Wellness, and Safety

Are you concerned about what you’re eating?  Do you have any medical issues, food allergies, chronic inflammation, diabetes, heart problems, or other diseases that have you spending money on doctor bills, medical tests and exams, and drugs to treat symptoms, but don’t seem to be finding solutions to get and keep your 100% healthy?  Don’t lose hope that you CAN restore your good health.  Or be even healthier than you ever imagined!  But you might be playing genetic roulette if the foods you’re eating are GMOs.

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Stop Doing Kegels – Start Doing Deep Squats: Pelvic Floor Advice for a Healthy Body & Well-Placed Pelvis

A friend of mine just sent me this article and it’s worth sharing with you!  Are you still young and healthy?  Are deep full squats still easy for you?  Or are you one of the millions of people suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, hip, or back pain? 

I shudder at the thought of all the poor people out there who have been told for years that they need to do more Kegels to help strengthen their Pelvic Floor.  (And even worse, that the best way to do this is to stop peeing in the middle of your stream!)  All this is likely to do is cause a potential bladder infection.

When I started teaching Pilates, I (unfortunately) went through a period of time were I actually did cue my clients to DO a Kegel as a part of their exercises!  Thankfully  everybody survived that experience, and that was many long, years ago – I’ve learned a lot about my “pelvic floor” and the difference between a Kegel, and correctly contracting the Pelvic floor to support the base of the spine and functional movement for the lumbar-pelvic-hip complex.   I’m glad that my clients are now well-educated about  the difference between a Kegel, and a healthy Pelvic Floor contraction and why it’s important to pay attention to the difference during a workout.

So why are Deep Squats important to help improve the health of your Pelvic Floor?

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Reduce Weight, Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Reduce Risk of Cancer

I was sitting at the gym waiting for my sweetie to finish his workout and picked up a copy of the June 2nd Science News magazine to read.  Found a really interesting article by Nathan Seppa, “Weight Loss May Cut Cancer Risk.”

Since I’ve been dealing with chronic inflammation issues my entire life… and in the past 7 months have completely changed my diet to help reduce systemic inflammation caused by food allergies.  The result has actually been a significant change in size and shape.  Not as much actual weight loss as I’d love to see yet – but 15 pounds in 6 months for someone who has never been able to lose weight is something I’m quite happy with.

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NCCA Accreditation Approved for the PMA Pilates Certification Program

BIG NEWS for the Pilates Community Today!

Pilates Method Alliance

Receives Accreditation of its PMA Pilates Certification Program from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) 

This is a fantastic step forward and the PMA has been working long and hard for many years to establish standards for our industry.  Congratulations to the PMA and Thank-you for your hard work and dedication to bringing the Pilates community together and helping to establish core-competency standards for the education of Pilates teachers.

An NCCA Accredited Certification Program for Pilates helps take the credibility of the value Pilates training has to offer to the next level, and will continue to boost client confidence as customers  request to work with PMA-Certified Pilates teachers. It’s important that people know they are maximizing the benefits of their investment in whole-body health improvement and can be confident that they are being instructed by true professionals with the knowledge and expertise to develop safe & effective Pilates training programs.

There are many Pilates Teacher-Training programs available that offer the education and hours required to gain the knowledge and expertise to pass the PMA Pilates Certification Exam.  Accreditation of the PMA Exam by the NCCA means that regardless of your Pilates Teacher-Training provider, IF they have done a good job helping  teachers-in-training gain the skills, knowledge, and expertise to be a Pilates Teacher – sitting for and passing the PMA Certification Exam, represents to the world that they have studied well, completed a reputable program, and have the skills and competency to help clients stay safe and improve their health while teaching Pilates.

Currently not all Pilates Teachers are PMA members, or PMA certified!  I hope with the NCCA Accreditation approval, more will join forces with the PMA to clearly show to the world that the Pilates community supports setting its own standards for safety & proficiency.  We need to demonstrate the importance of a great education to become a valuable expert and proudly be a Pilates professional in our industry.

Congratulations to the Pilates Method Alliance for achieving this recognition and approval from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies!


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Barefoot Versus Shod Running: Which is Best?

Running barefoot versus wearing shoes is a HOT topic in the running community.  It seems that everyone has an opinion about what is best for the body.

Running faster, running more efficiently, running with fewer injuries, all need to be taken into consideration when determining for YOUR body what is going to be safest to keep you on your feet, and pain & injury-free, to enjoy the time you spend pounding the pavement, or off road on the trails while you’re out for a run.

Here’s an informative article that was recently published in Podiatry Today by Dr. Kevin A. Kirby, “Barefoot Versus Shod Running: Which is Best?


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Chin Up Exercises Aren’t Just for Men – Everybody Needs Strong Arms & Shoulders

I love how things pop up when you least expect them!  I made a commitment to myself to get strong enough in 2012 to do ten chinup exercises!  It’s the middle of April and so far with my own training plan, I’m up to four reps. Slow and steady progress…I’m going to celebrate it being a girl and all!

Today I stumbled onto an old article from Men’s Health – “The Chinup Plan for Every Man.”  Hmmm… somebody else out there has a plan for progressing to chin up exercise mastery!  I’m going to ignore that this is an article for men and see what tips and recommendations I can glean to keep me moving towards my ten chin up goal.

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Vocal Training Benefits of Pilates

People always ask how I got started with Pilates.  Everyone finds the work with a different goal in mind.  For me, I was suffering from a voice injury.  It hurt to talk, and swallow.  My job as a Fitness Specialist and coordinator of Aerobic classes was compromised, and I have never done anything but teach! 

Teaching involves talking!!!  So I was in search of something new I could teach, that would get me out of the noisy health club environment and put me in a quiet place where I could talk safely.

And somehow I found Pilates…

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Did You Know More Adults Are Developing Food Allergies?

I certainly am a proponent of food allergy testing!  After many years with chronic inflammation problems, 3 bouts of optic neuritis with no diagnosable reason for its onset, and the inability to ever really lose any weight, I opted to get blood work done to see what foods and chemicals I might be allergic to.  What an eye opening experience discovering the foods that I am allergic to.  This quickly started to explain why my body was constantly struggling to stay healthy.

Now that I am paying attention to the foods I eat, striving to eat only allergy-free foods, reading labels, and asking tons of questions if I eat at a restaurant before I order a meal, my outlook on the importance of eating allergy free foods and taking an active role in what I eat to get and stay healthy has gotten so much easier.

If I hurt, itch, experience joint pain, or difficulty breathing it’s obvious that I’ve eaten something that I should be avoiding.

The value of knowing what foods and chemicals you are allergic to is priceless!

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