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Merry Fitness! 10 Great Fitness Gift Ideas from Centerworks®

santaAre you still out shopping and looking for great fitness gift ideas for the health enthusiasts in your life?
What could be better than wellness solutions for better mind-body health from your head to your toes.

These are perfect fitness gifts for Pilates students, Runners, Walkers, Athletes, Dancers, and regular everyday folks who are inspired to improve their health and fitness at home, at the gym, or on the road. Check out these easy to use, products, books, and resources from the whole-body health experts at Centerworks® and give the gift of good health for the Holidays!

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Beauty and Perspective

A Mind Shift to See Your Beautiful True Self

Young Girl Playing By HerselfAwareness is such a cool thing!  We all know the world is a little warped when it comes to looking at physical beauty.   Our perception on beauty and perspective needs a serious mind shift.

Models in magazines are itty-bitty, making us regular-sized gals feel like the curves that we’ve got or the “meat on our bones” makes us ugly and gives us the perception that we’re “fat.”   Or worse, that without breast implants, Botox, or other beautifying surgeries to change how we look, we’re not pretty.

Maybe we were teased growing up about our freckles, dimples, color of our hair, how our legs looked….
I can remember in Junior High having to scoot around in the lunchroom because one of the popular boys was always making comments  about my butt!

What we see in ourselves and what others see in us is sometimes is quite different.  I recently wrote an article about Features vs. Flaws.  Take a moment and think about what you see when you look at yourself?

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Features & Flaws: The Mind-Body Mindset

Men vs Women

Perspective: How We Look and Feel About Our Body – Men vs. Women

This cartoon came across my Facebook stream last week, and while it’s good for a laugh, it also gets right to the point. This man and women quickly demonstrate the differences between the male and female perspective when it comes to what we think and feel about our bodies.  While this mind-body mindset to evaluate our features and flaws might not ring true for everybody.  I suspect that for the majority this cartoon does a good job of showing where we stand if we took a physical self-appreciation survey.

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Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

Love in italian

Do something HEALTHY today and show yourself and your sweetheart how much you love and care about staying connected – body, mind and spirit.

  1. Take a long walk before dinner.
  2. Eat a light dinner instead of a big meal.
    (You’ll have more energy!”)
  3. Skip the chocolates and dessert and opt for a big helping of hugs & kisses.


Don’t have a special sweetie to share Valentine’s Day with?  YOU are the most special person of ALL!

Show yourself lots of love today – eat healthy, get in a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing, muscle moving workout and pick something fun to do tonight that you LOVE and enjoy!

Show and Share the Love!

Have a Healthy, Heart-Centered, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Health & Healing Affirmation – Year of the Water Snake

Blue SnakeHappy New Year – 2013
is the Year
of the Water Snake

While I’m not an expert with Chinese Astrology, I am fascinated at how the Universe brings things to my attention.

Today, February 10th  at 3:20pm we begin the Year of the Water Snake.

What I didn’t realize until researching the meaning of a recent dream about water snakes, is that:

  1. We’re moving out of the year of the Dragon, and into the year of the Water snake.
  2. This is the first year of the dawning of the age of Aquarius – which began on December 22, 2012, (the first day of the new Mayan calendar based on it’s long count of 5, 125 years.)
  3. It’s a powerful time of rebirth and new cycles!

Seems to me a special time for us to BE celebrating life on this earth!

Did you know? 

2013: The Year of the Water Snake symbolizes healing and wellness.

Here is a lovely healing affirmation I found while researching the meaning of Water Snake.

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Injury and Exercise: How to Bounce Back and Be Stronger than Ever

fitness timeDiscover Ways to Creatively “Work Out” Around Your Limitations to Stay On Track for a Healthy, Active Life

It’s much nicer when we are able to stay healthy, active and fit.  But sometimes whether it’s a medical health issue, surgery, accident or over-training injury we find ourselves hurt…  Out of commission, unable to do even simple daily chores much less a vigorous heart-pounding workout.  The pain and frustration of NOT being able to do what we want can send your training program into a tailspin.  When we are young it seems easy to just grin and bear it, pretend like the pain isn’t really there and keep on keeping on.  But with age comes wisdom (well, sometimes…) and, if we are smart, we figure out better strategies to rest, recover and get back in action.

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Resolutions vs. Intentions: A Perspective on Goal Setting

I’m trying something new for goal setting this year.  Instead of resolving to do things and being sad or frustrated when they don’t happen as quickly as I’m wishing they would, I’m declaring 2013 as my “Year of Intention”  I INTEND to do great things that help make an impact and a positive difference in the world around me.  I INTEND to achieve 10 chin-ups.  I INTEND to sort out my food allergy issues to eat healthy and be healthy.   I INTEND to help as many people as I can improve their whole-body health, posture, and functional movement and with Pilates and the Centerworks® Intentional Movement Training SystemTM.

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Living a Happy Life with Depression

A Year-End REVIEW of My Achievements
(and Mental Sanity)

Learning to live a happy life with depression can be a really big challenge.  As I reflect on my own personal Woo-Hoos and Boo-Hoos for 2012, I’ve got a lot to celebrate!

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GMOs and Genetic Roulette – Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Genetically Modified Food, Food Allergies, Health, Wellness, and Safety

Are you concerned about what you’re eating?  Do you have any medical issues, food allergies, chronic inflammation, diabetes, heart problems, or other diseases that have you spending money on doctor bills, medical tests and exams, and drugs to treat symptoms, but don’t seem to be finding solutions to get and keep your 100% healthy?  Don’t lose hope that you CAN restore your good health.  Or be even healthier than you ever imagined!  But you might be playing genetic roulette if the foods you’re eating are GMOs.

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Emotional Health & Well-Being: Get Healthy from the Inside Out

Have you ever been on an emotional rollercoaster of highs & lows?  Can you remember how your brain and body felt during this time?  Did you take care of yourself?  Eat healthy foods?  Exercise? Get plenty of rest, sunshine, and fresh air?  Or did everything you know you should be doing to stay healthy come to a screeching halt because you felt like crap?

I’ve always been fascinated by the brain-body connection.  It’s so true that how we think is how we feel, and underlying emotions – positive or negative can have a dramatic effect on our whole-body health.

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