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Self Healing – Powerful Techniques

Last weekend a friend handed me a book to read, and as I started it….I wondered why it hadn’t crossed my radar sooner! On the cover it states: “Within minutes these techniques trigger health-producing effects for: Cancer Prevention & Reversal, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Insomnia, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, PMS, Stress Reduction, Jetlag”

Now, who on the planet doesn’t fall into at least one of these categories!

So what’s the book?  Self-Healing: Powerful Techniques by Ranjie N. Singh, Ph.D.

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Work, Release, and Brain Training

Every Pilates exercise involves utilizing the joints as a lever and pulley system. All movement of the body happens as we contract and release different muscles in the proper order to achieve a desired action. If our muscles don’t understand their proper firing patterns, the body will compensate and create a way to just “get it done,” regardless of safety or efficiency.

When we repeat movement patterns, the brain says, “This is the way I’m expected to direct traffic to accomplish this task. When I do this in the future, I will use the same muscles that I’m using now.” Whether the muscles recruited are right or wrong, this is the pattern the brain will use to cue us for action.

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Creating New Habits

Creating new habits takes time and patience.  We’d all like to find that magic pill, or flip a switch and instantly have things be better.  Well unfortunately not much in life works that way. The choices we’ve made have gotten us this far, our new choices will continue to reinforce new habits.  The patience and persistence we demonstrate in the process will help give us the results we’re looking for.

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Quick Tip to Manage Stress

Here’s a Quick Tip to Help Manage Stress… Allow an extra half-hour for everything you do!

If you normally schedule all of your appointments and daily chores back-to-back, having one appointment run long will get you off track for the rest of the day. That feeling of being behind before you get started can add pounds to your stress level.

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Breathing Basics to Improve Health, Fitness, and Your Pilates Workouts

Breathing Basics Exercises for Better HealthBreathing is a very important part of being alive!  How we breathe can make a difference in our good or poor posture, how much oxygen we get to our brain to think clearly, and better breathing habits can make a significant difference in how well we move to reduce the risk of injury, and eliminate aches and pain.  If you’re interested in discovering easy ways you can start improving your breathing habits, keep reading for simple breathing basics exercises you can practice at home, and incorporate into your Pilates program and other fitness workouts.

Here’s what I’m hoping to share with you in this Breathing Basics article:

  • The Benefits of Breathing Better.
  • How Pilates Helps Facilitate Good Breathing Habits.
  • Ways to Improve Breathing Techniques.
  • Exercises to Practice Better Breathing.


(As defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Main Entry: in·spi·ra·tion Pronunciation: "in(t)-sp&-'rA-sh&n,

Function: noun The act of drawing in; specifically : the
drawing of air into the lungs

Since Breathing is one of the very first concepts to teach a new Pilates student – what better topic to pay attention to, to help improve your health! There are many ways to help new and experienced students find a deeper meaning to the breath work required for Pilates, improved posture, and a healthier life.

Joseph Pilates in Return to Life calls breathing the “shower of life.” Breathing is the first and last thing we do in life. It’s a good thing that we don’t have to think about taking each breath to stay alive, but a little practice with more efficient breathing habits contributes greatly to maintaining our good health.

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