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Pilates Quote: Vitality

What does Vitality mean to YOU?

Vitality defined:

  1. The state of being strong and active; energy.
  2. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.
  3. The Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence.

Focus your energy, connect body and mind, and live a life to the fullest with Vitality!
(and practicing Pilates will do wonders to help you achieve this goal.)

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Pilates Quote: Habits

Are your Habits helping or harming your health? Our daily actions and the choices we make directly reflect in how we feel, look, act, think.  Our habits reflect whether we’re healthy and pain free, or health challenged and struggling with aches, pains, injuries, or other medical ailments.

Habits are patterns that your brain has accepted as “The Way” to get a task done.  We have habits or rituals for getting up in the morning, cooking meals, what we wear, what we think, when we exercise, our jobs, hobbies…  Generally speaking, humans are creatures of habit.

Are the habits you have for what you choose to eat, or how you sit, stand, or move serving you?

Adopting new and better habits for better health will take conscious awareness to identify what you have to change. Then to get results, the brain and body must go through a remodeling process mindfully making new choices, practicing new habits, and discovering the positive improvements that will be the benefit of your efforts.  What ails you that adopting a new habit can help you change?  Identify your wrong habits and move to improve them now.

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Pilates Quote: Pilates Mat Exercises

Pilates Mat exercises (or any other form of physical activity) can be an excellent way to refresh the body and relax the mind.  Adequate rest and getting a good night’s sleep is one of the key components to whole-body health.

But for many people, falling asleep, and/or staying asleep can be a challenge…  Racing thoughts, worries, thinking about all the things you need to do, or should have gotten accomplished today, or no matter what, you have got to get done tomorrow…  Insomnia will not rejuvenate the body, mind, or spirit, but exercise can!

If you ever find yourself lying in bed wide awake wishing you could sleep, and wondering how the heck you’re going to stay awake at work tomorrow, roll yourself out of bed and onto a mat and MOVE.  Even a short 10-15 minutes of Pilates Matwork just might be enough to calm the mind, center your body, and release and relax nervous energy so you can crawl back in bed and get a good night’s sleep.

Pilates Mat exercises à Moving Meditation à Relaxation (for a restful night’s sleep.)

Sweet Dreams!

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Pilates Quotes: Patience and Persistence

There is power in learning to harness Patience and Persistence to help you stay focused to achieve your goals.

In our point and click world we are a society that has developed a belief in instant gratification.  We want things NOW!  Waiting any length of time for anything seems like an unreasonable bother.

But it takes time to make things happen…  Nine months to patiently wait for your baby to develop in the womb, the commitment (and persistence) to get out and do your weekly runs to get the body in shape to complete a marathon, making good food choices and paying attention portion control to maintain, or manage a weight loss program…  You don’t make good food choices for one meal and miraculously lose twenty pounds!  Patience and persistence are your allies to achieve success.

Acknowledge that it might take a little time and effort to reach your goals.  Practice patience and persistence along with right action and you will ultimately achieve success with every worthwhile endeavor.

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Pilates Quote: Play

Children live to PLAY, but many adults forget what taking time to play is all about.  How well-balanced is your life between work and play?  Can you see how all work and no play not only can make you dull, and zap your vitality?

Generally speaking, men are pretty good at taking time to play, but “a woman’s work is never done.”  Men tend to have lots of hobbies…you may even say that some collect hobbies.  A boy has got to have his “toys.”  But think about it, if you have toys, you’ll want to PLAY with them!

If you are a women with hobbies, and you actually make time, and take time to play, congratulations! Keep up those interests it will do wonders for your health and vitality.

Regardless of your gender, if you don’t have any hobbies that you’re passionate about, it might be time to try out a few new things and see what strikes your fancy to pursue for pleasure.

Hobbies allow us to put the business of life on the back-burner and just live in the moment. Whether it’s taking time for a long bike ride, working with your green thumb planting a lush vegetable garden, painting, drawing, singing, playing a musical instrument, reading a novel, or even navigating a complex video game, hobbies allow us to  make mini-life-escapes that can restore, refresh, and renew our vitality.

What are you going to do today to PLAY?

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Pilates Quote: Accomplishments

Accomplishments. Goals. Life Purpose. Calling. Legacy…  Are you on your path to make an impact and achieve your dreams, desires, and destiny?

The most important part of the equation to keep you heading in the right direction is YOUR HEALTH!  Whether you’re goal is to be the next Nobel Prize winner, or the world’s best Mom, it takes a strong, healthy body, and the brain power to stay focused to keep you on the path of continuous improvement.  Take positive action daily to reach your potential and be proud to show the world your accomplishments.

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Pilates Quote: Physical Fitness

Do you really KNOW why you’re exercising and participating in a physical fitness program?  Do you have a goal in mind with each and every workout?  Do your workouts wear you out, and leave you wiped out, unable to do anything more than crawl home and take a nap?  Or do you find that time spent with physical fitness activities actually elevates your mood and increases your energy level.  Are the exercises in your workout program congruent with your goals to attain and maintain a well-balanced body, clear mind, and easily to anything you need to do for work and pleasure?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” or “I don’t know,” then it might be time to revisit your goals, revamp your training plan, and realign your mind and body to get the best results possible from your physical fitness program.  Why waste your efforts…  Focused fitness gets results.  Besides, how much more fun will it be if everything you do is done with spontaneous ZEST and Pleasure!

Be Fit, Have Fun, and Live Life to It’s Fullest.

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Pilates Quote: Breathe

Learn to breathe well for better health!  It’s great that the act of breathing is regulated by our autonomic nervous system.  This means that whether we’re paying attention to breathing or not, we continue to inhale and exhale to stay alive.  Our breath brings oxygen to our cells and feeds our brain.  Inhaling lengthens the natural curves of our spine, to help decompress the body, open the joints, and helps free the body for better movement.  Most people breathe to survive.  But to really thrive, it takes conscious effort to reinforce healthy breathing habits.  When you learn to breath well, you will have unlocked a secret key to better health.

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Pilates Quote: Happiness

Happiness is a state of being and it starts in the brain.  Not only does the mind control our movements, but how we feel about our well-being and our life.  You can try and blame others for how you feel, but the only person who is really in-charge of how you feel is YOU!

Here’s a great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that just might help you shift your mindset to become the architect of your own happiness, “For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

What are you the Architect of today?  I hope you are building a healthy, happy life.

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Pilates Quote: Play Today

How much of your day involves PLAY?

Remember the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Without time off from work we become not only bored, but boring!  To embrace life and enjoy living we need to balance our time between work and play.  Children aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the privilege of play.  Work Hard, Play Hard…  Discover how much happier you’ll become when you find ways to play throughout your day!

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