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Pilates Quote: Balance

Balance of body and mind is a moving target. Sometimes we are on-balance, and sometimes being off-balance provides the power to shift, change, and become more aware of what it feels like to BE in balance. Our thoughts direct both movement and balance of the body, and mind. In what parts of your life, do you need to practice better balance?

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Pilates Quote: Poor Posture Habits

Do you have good posture, or poor posture habits? How fine is your spine? Do you stand and sit tall with everything in line? Or do aches and pains cause you to be out of line?

Practice ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, good abdominal support, with well-balanced natural curves of the spine. Keep your shoulders relaxed with a long tall neck…and BREATHE!

Your office chair, your couch, the seat in your car… at the dining room table, sitting in a pew at church – anywhere you are stay consciously aware of YOU, your body, how you sit, stand, and move.   Your posture habits will either set you up for good health or injury! Pay attention and practice good posture for better whole-body health.

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Pilates Quote: Good Posture

Good Posture, something we know we really should work on, but seemingly insignificant to pay attention to until our body hurts.  Why isn’t it possible to just have perfect posture?  Because maintaining good posture takes effort.  We have to maintain balanced muscle development to support our bones and our bodies for better body alignment.  Without using our muscles to fight gravity, gravity will win every single second of the day!  You have to think and stay conscious of your posture and movement habits to maintain good posture.

Moving with grace and ease should not just be reserved for dancers.  Every BODY can thrive, stand tall, and enjoy effortless movement when good posture and balanced body development is focused on for during every exercise and activity throughout your day.

*** Take this quick Posture Quiz and see where you rate for Good Posture.

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Pilates Quote: Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine isn’t just pills and potions.  There are many things we can do to ensure good health.  It starts with learning how to listen to the body and take care of our daily needs.  Eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and daily exercise can go a long way to preventing illness and injury to enjoy a happy, healthy, and active life.

Joseph Pilates philosophies for health improvement cover much more than just physical exercise.  A holistic approach to good health means one should pay attention to everything they do as our choices affect our outcomes.   “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” was Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying which holds true here too.  It’s easier to stay healthy, than to get your good health back.  Make wise choices with everything you do to help maintain your good health.

*** So you’re making great health choices…but what are you doing for your feet?  Good health starts from the ground up!  Want to fine-tune your fitness, improve your posture for better body alignment to keep your muscles working well.  Don’t forget about your feet!  Click here to get access to a free video with Foot Fitness Exercise Tips.

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Pilates Quote: Functional Movement

Hard work doesn’t always have to be hard…  By training efficient functional movement habits, so that all muscles are properly developed and working harmoniously together, tasks or “work” that once seemed difficult can become effortless.

Are you ready to enjoy a little more pleasure in your life?  Do Pilates, it makes everything better…  but especially your brain-body connection.  Develop your muscles in the right way so that everything you do for work and play can be fun, efficient, and easy.

***Get started on the road to balanced muscle development with a quick posture check.  See where you rate with this quick Posture Quiz to stay strong, fit, flexible, and injury-free.

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Pilates Quote: Contrology

Contrology is such a cool word and aptly describes the power and benefits of the Pilates Method.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit?  And what better way to connect mind, body, and spirit than through movement.

Using the Pilates system, and doing the exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, and Mat you too can put your brain and body into action to achieve length, strength, flexibility, and develop your mind and body with Contrology.

***Want to learn more…  Start enjoying the whole-body benefits of Pilates.  Get your copy of Return to Life through Contrology now.

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Pilates Quote

This Pilates quote is one of many powerful phrases or “words of wisdom” that Joseph Pilates shared in his book Return to Life.  It’s an interesting concept to contemplate.

So, just curious… who is in charge of your body?  Does your body easily and willingly do anything you ask?  How much effort to you put into the practice of using your mind to control your muscles?  Gaining control over your WILL to move muscle is not just about what’s happening during your workouts… it applies to everything you want to accomplish in life!

Do you ACT or React to what is happening in your life?  What WILL you do and is your body, mind, and spirit willing to execute?   You are the master of your Universe.  Use your WILL to power your performance, and take charge of your movement, health, and life.

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Pilates Quote: Vitality

What does Vitality mean to YOU?

Vitality defined:

  1. The state of being strong and active; energy.
  2. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.
  3. The Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence.

Focus your energy, connect body and mind, and live a life to the fullest with Vitality!
(and practicing Pilates will do wonders to help you achieve this goal.)

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Pilates Quote: Habits

Are your Habits helping or harming your health? Our daily actions and the choices we make directly reflect in how we feel, look, act, think.  Our habits reflect whether we’re healthy and pain free, or health challenged and struggling with aches, pains, injuries, or other medical ailments.

Habits are patterns that your brain has accepted as “The Way” to get a task done.  We have habits or rituals for getting up in the morning, cooking meals, what we wear, what we think, when we exercise, our jobs, hobbies…  Generally speaking, humans are creatures of habit.

Are the habits you have for what you choose to eat, or how you sit, stand, or move serving you?

Adopting new and better habits for better health will take conscious awareness to identify what you have to change. Then to get results, the brain and body must go through a remodeling process mindfully making new choices, practicing new habits, and discovering the positive improvements that will be the benefit of your efforts.  What ails you that adopting a new habit can help you change?  Identify your wrong habits and move to improve them now.

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Pilates Quote: Pilates Mat Exercises

Pilates Mat exercises (or any other form of physical activity) can be an excellent way to refresh the body and relax the mind.  Adequate rest and getting a good night’s sleep is one of the key components to whole-body health.

But for many people, falling asleep, and/or staying asleep can be a challenge…  Racing thoughts, worries, thinking about all the things you need to do, or should have gotten accomplished today, or no matter what, you have got to get done tomorrow…  Insomnia will not rejuvenate the body, mind, or spirit, but exercise can!

If you ever find yourself lying in bed wide awake wishing you could sleep, and wondering how the heck you’re going to stay awake at work tomorrow, roll yourself out of bed and onto a mat and MOVE.  Even a short 10-15 minutes of Pilates Matwork just might be enough to calm the mind, center your body, and release and relax nervous energy so you can crawl back in bed and get a good night’s sleep.

Pilates Mat exercises à Moving Meditation à Relaxation (for a restful night’s sleep.)

Sweet Dreams!

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