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Pilates Quote: Are You In Balance For Whole Body Health

Balance is an important aspect of whole-body health.  We need balanced muscle development to be strong, fit, flexible and to move with ease.  Without good balance it would be impossible to stand upright on our feet to walk and run.  A well-balanced diet keeps our body at a healthy weight, and balancing our time between work, rest, and play ensures less stress, and a healthy, happy mindset.  The mind controls the body, what we think, say and do, begins first as a thought, and the body carries out the action.

Pay attention to what you think, say, and do to balance mind and body to enjoy good health.

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Pilates Quote: Physical Perfection

money girIt’s sad to think that when Joseph Pilates wrote this quote, exasperated at the amount of time and money people were spending in an attempt to achieve physical perfection, it was in 1934!  His frustration on this topic was penned almost 80 years ago… and it’s very safe to say that in the last eighty years the amount of “time” and “money” spent to obtain physical perfection has increased ten times or more!

How much time and money do you spend on your health?

Not only medical health, and physical fitness, but the food and supplements you eat, the clothes you wear, haircuts, beauty products, manicures/pedicures, and the list goes on…  How much of your monthly budget is used in the hope of improving your physical self?  The things listed above are the “easy” every-day expenditures striving for physical perfection.  But what if this is not enough?  Is investing in Botox and a boob job worth it to you?  Or how about getting a tummy tuck, or stomach stapling procedure to help redefine your figure and lose weight?  Which would you choose? Expensive surgery, or a pair of SPANX, a personal trainer, and eating moderate portion sizes of healthy nutritious food along with a sensible exercise program.  We are an instant gratification society; do you have the patience to invest your time and money wisely for long-term health?

Millions of people don’t think for a second about spending their cash on “quick fixes” with the allure of looking prettier, having fewer wrinkles, or aiding their efforts for weight loss via expensive surgeries.  But a quick fix won’t change the lifestyle habits or underlying emotional issues that helped create the poor body issues in the first place.  Yes beauty takes a little effort.  But it’s far more important to love yourself as you are, then to spend every last dollar trying to change how you look, so you can change how you feel.  Beauty starts from inside and radiates out!  Change your attitude first, it’s economical…go from there and you might just find more time to enjoy life and money to save, invest, or spend as you wish.

Yes, it’s important to invest in your health.  Spend your time and money wisely.  Create your own personal image of physical perfection.  Don’t let the media, or anyone else influence how you feel about your body, look, or act to take care of your beautiful self.   You are perfect just the way you are.

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Pilates Quote: Physical Fitness

Everyone is bustling about with holiday shopping.  There’s one thing that should be on everyone’s list, but can’t be purchased with a credit or debit card.  No matter how much we want physical fitness we can’t get there with wishes or wallets.  It’s discipline, consistency, dedication, and hard work that must be invested in yourself in order to become fit, flexible and enjoy fantastic health.

What effort are you making to prioritize your time and ensure you’re eating right and exercising to take care of your personal well-being and physical fitness? What is getting in the way?  How can you eliminate some of the “extras” in order to put taking care of your health at the top of your priority list?

Share and care about friends and family.  Show them how very special they are to you.  Shop, and enjoy the Holidays, but don’t put your health on hold and wait to “get back on track” in the New Year.  It is not selfish to make time to take care of YOU!

Physical fitness takes effort, YOUR Effort!  And guess what…You are worth the effort.

Give the gift of good health to yourself this Season.
Have a HEALTHY and Happy Holiday!

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Pilates Quote: Good Health

We were born to be healthy!  Good health is not a privilege for a few lucky folks who seem to be genetically predisposed to maintain optimal weight and never have an ache or pain, but physical perfection is available to everyone who is willing to put forth the effort to maintain their “machine.”

There are many components to improving physical health, and it’s a balancing act for each of us as developing humans to find the right combination of exercise, healthy eating, and restorative sleep to keep the body healthy.

Like taking care of your car, engine tune-ups, gas & oil, tires, shocks, paint, belts, seals, windows, heat/air, upholstery…there are many, many things to pay attention that can break down and have to be “fixed” for your car to safely get you where you want to go.

Keeping up with a recommended car maintenance schedule is important to keep your car running, but there’s more than just paying attention to the engine that is necessary to keep it looking brand new and in mint condition.

For your body – recommended health check-ups, breast / prostate exams, an annual physical, dental check-ups, ect… are like “looking under the hood” to keep the engine running.  This alone won’t keep you healthy, but can help catch possible problems before they become life-threatening.

It’s everything else you do for YOURSELF!  Daily exercise, meditation, stretching, healthy food choices, adequate rest, drinking water, fresh air and sunshine….that are needed for you to maintain and enjoy YOUR inherited birthright – optimal good health and physical perfection.

Accept what’s yours by birth, maintain your “machine” and enjoy a healthy life!

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Pilates Quote: Perfect Health

No BODY is perfect, but there is nothing wrong with striving for perfect health.  Every BODY is beautiful!   We all have assets, features, and what we think are flaws, things we wish could change, and things we’re willing to work on.  Learning to accept and love our body is the first step.  A healthy mindset sets us up to take positive action to work on health improvement.

What I love the most about Pilates is working with the mindset and goal to always make the last repetition of each exercise the very BEST one you’ve ever done!  With this strategy, the only thing that can happen is better health!  Our muscles are left with a positive experience of what it feels like to do each exercise well, thus eliminating bad movement habits and replacing them with healthy movement habits.

By studying the body we become better aware of our good and bad points and can focus our efforts on making improvements.  Applying this strategy to every workout, and daily activity continues to move us forward to perfect health!

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Pilates Quote: Flexibility and Age

Does your flexibility and age match?  You are only as old as you feel… I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “age is just a number.” Joseph Pilates brings some meaning to this adage.  The number of years we’ve been on this planet is not what makes us young or old, but it’s the fitness, flexibility and strength of our bodies that determine our youth and vitality (or lack thereof.)

So how old do YOU feel?  How fit and flexible is your spine?  How easily and naturally can you bend your body forwards, backwards, sideways, and twist?  How often do you ask your body to move and bend in all directions?

If you’re feeling stiff and old, it’s never too late to start moving to improving your health and enhance your vitality.  Keep your spine, hips, and shoulders moving freely so that as you age 60 can be the new 40, and let’s strive to make 90 the new 60!

Promote on the blog:  The Pilates Spine Corrector aka Pilates Arc Barrel is a fabulous training tool for at-home workouts to stretch and strengthen your spine and improve the health of your hips, shoulders, and whole-body.  Don’t have a Pilates Arc Barrel yet?  Get your Arc Barrel now along with the book A Barrel of Fun!  And you’ll have everything you need to improve your fitness for a flexible spine.

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Pilates Quote: Good Posture

Good posture is not important for posture’s sake but is necessary to maintain good working order for our joints, muscles, and vital organs.  By becoming aware of our daily life habits and what our posture habits are like to stand, sit, and move, we have the opportunity to fine-tune our form and improve function.

Good posture habits involve the use of our muscles to fight gravity to stand tall, breathe deeply, and move with grace and ease!  We need SPACE to move – Joint space to bend our limbs, run, jump, and be active.  And inside – organ space for our heart, lungs, digestive system and other vital organs to function optimally.

Whether you’re 5 or 95,  by paying attention to your posture you can ensure that you’re developing the right balance of strength and flexibility to “stand tall” and maintain excellent whole-body health.


Take the Quick Posture Quiz now and find out how your current posture rates, and discover simple training tips to keep you standing tall.

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Pilates Quote: Pilates Benefits for Your Body

Joseph Pilates saw the Pilates benefits his clients received for strengthening the body, improving posture, and developing better whole-body health.  While “Pilates” is a form of physical exercise and is not considered “re-hab” or “physical therapy,” it is becoming more widely accepted as a beneficial form of exercise for rehabilitative purposes.

The act of learning how to work the body correctly to improve balanced muscle development and train healthy movement habits, builds better bodies – PERIOD.

If you have a healthy body, Pilates training can help you avoid all the problems listed here…  If you have physical issues or health challenges, big or small, the right exercises in your weekly workouts, and working out with the Pilates System might just help you make changes other modalities you’ve tried have been unable to achieve.  The Pilates Method is the best thing on the Planet for correcting posture, improving body alignment, and developing whole-body health!

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Pilates Quote: Constructive Criticism

This quote from Joseph Pilates sounds like something out of a fortune cookie!  But how true are these words of wisdom.  This philosophy is more than just a Pilates lesson, but a lesson for life.

Constructive criticism, allows the opportunity for personal growth and development (if you’re open to the help.)  Criticism without a solution is only a way of tearing others down, a form of bullying, potentially an act of superiority, or a cruel way of belittling the efforts of others.

Watch your tongue; speak kindly to yourself and others.  Be silent if you don’t have a solution or are able to back up your criticizing comments with something positive and helpful to demonstrate your support and respect for those around you.  Help make the world a better place with constructive criticism or say nothing at all.

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Pilates Quote: Physical Fitness is Key to Happiness

What makes you happy? What hobbies do you enjoy? Who do you like “running around” with? Most likely your favorite activities require you to be physically active in one way or another.  Whether it’s playing tennis, chasing grandkids, hiking, swimming, jogging, or jumping in puddles, you need to have physical fitness to be able to enjoy life and do the things that make your heart smile.

It takes a bit of work every day to stay strong, fit, and flexible enough to be able to do all the fitness and daily-life activities you love.  So next time you’re struggling through your Pilates Hundreds, slogging through mile 3 of your run, or feel like you can’t lift that weight one more time, remember you’re not working out for a workout, you’re doing it to have the strength and stamina to do the fun things in life that make your soul sing, bring you joy, and keep you happy!

Whole-Body Health and Happiness Starts with Physical Fitness!

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