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Pilates Quote – Physical Fitness for Life

Why is physical fitness important to you? What’s the point of exercise? Are you thinking it’s just “to lose weight” or “to get a toned, hot body?” Well, those are great side-effects to exercise, but the real reason we should be toiling away in the gym or sweating it out at the Pilates Studio is to keep our bodies strong and flexible enough to do our everyday life activities with ease.

If you have ever been injured and found it impossible to walk, roll over in bed, or get up and down off the toilet then you realize and appreciate the importance of maintaining your good health. Taking the time to improve your physical fitness to be fit and healthy is not just to look good, but to feel good, mind, body, and soul – to have the ability to enjoy your work AND free-time as Joe would say, “with spontaneous zest and pleasure!”

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Pilates Quote – Contrology Mind-Body Connection

Contrology, the art and science of control.  This is the term Joseph Pilates coined for his system of exercise.  We must learn to be mindful of our movements.  The brain controls the actions of the body.

To develop the mind-body connection, we must begin by consciously paying attention to the finer-details of what we’re doing while we exercise.  When we use mind control over muscles, we are successfully “working the Pilates system,” and using the power of Contrology to improve health.  What begins as movement and exercise with conscious control, shifts with practice to be a comfortable and correct way of using our bodies for everything we do.  With the right muscles working, what else can we expect but to enjoy a well-balanced body and optimal whole-body health.\

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Pilates Quote – Breathing, a Healthy Life Depends on It

Breathing, it’s one of the most important things I teach new Pilates students.  And while it’s a good thing that we don’t have to think about every breath we take to stay alive…  Improving HOW we breathe can make a huge difference for health improvement.  We cannot function in top form physically, or mentally, if we don’t have enough oxygen filling our lungs and nourishing our bodies.  Learn and practice Pilates-style, posterior-lateral breathing techniques, your posture will improve, your health will improve, and your life depends on it.  Take a deep breath now, and check out how you can Practice Better Breathing Habits.


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52 Fabulous Pilates Quotes

I’m excited to announce the release of my new Kindle book, 52 Fabulous Pilates Quotes, a compilation of my favorite words of wisdom from Joseph Pilates two published books, Return to Life and Your Health.  What better way to enjoy a little Pilates, Health, and Wellness Inspiration than to have easy access to 52 Fabulous Pilates Quotes from the Master himself!  Stay motivated to move and improve your whole-body health.  Joseph H. Pilates had a LOT of relevant thoughts and inspiring words of wisdom on the topics of physical fitness, exercise, diet, connecting mind and body, and improving  whole-body health.  Physical exercise is only one tiny piece of the equation of the legacy and health philosophies of the Pilates Method! Grab a copy of this compilation of inspiring Pilates Quotes, and be sure to share this post with your friends!

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Pilates Quote – The Body and Self-Care

Unfortunately, I do think Joe was right with this Pilates quote from his book Return to Life about the body and self-care. We don’t tend to always give our bodies the care that our well-being deserves. Can you imagine what you would feel like, and what a happy place the world would be if we all listened to our bodies and DID take care of our well-being, mind, body, and spirit.

It’s not too late… Start today and make this happen for YOUR body!

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How To Improve Flexibility

Joseph H. Pilates has some excellent words of wisdom for improving flexibility. 

It’s not all about stretching…  But balanced muscle development to allow the work and release to happen for movement in a full range of motion with our body and joints.  Enjoy this quote from his book, Return to Life.

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