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Fantastic Feet for Runners & Walkers


A Workshop for Focused Foot Fitness Training

Discover the Secrets to Healthy & Happy, Pain-Free Feet  
(No Pilates experience required.)

Good health starts from the ground up!  Whether you walk or run, taking good care of your feet is an important part of any wellness program.

There are lots of quick & easy foot care exercises you can incorporate into your workouts  to help improve your posture, body alignment and muscle support for healthy, happy, injury-free ankles, arches, and toes.

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Barefoot Versus Shod Running: Which is Best?

Running barefoot versus wearing shoes is a HOT topic in the running community.  It seems that everyone has an opinion about what is best for the body.

Running faster, running more efficiently, running with fewer injuries, all need to be taken into consideration when determining for YOUR body what is going to be safest to keep you on your feet, and pain & injury-free, to enjoy the time you spend pounding the pavement, or off road on the trails while you’re out for a run.

Here’s an informative article that was recently published in Podiatry Today by Dr. Kevin A. Kirby, “Barefoot Versus Shod Running: Which is Best?


RunFit Foot Fitness Kit™

Do You Love To Run? 

Are you looking for resources to help keep the muscles of your feet strong, fit, and flexible? 

Checkout the new Runfit Kit from!

The Runfit Kit is filled with easy-to-use foot fitness tools and exercise resources to help you train the muscles of your ankles, arches, and toes for fit feet and fewer injuries.


Whether you like to run barefoot or with shoes, the resources in the Runfit Kit can help you keep your feet fit!

In a quick 5-10 minutes before or after a run, you can easily incorporate some Runfit foot-care training into your workout for healthy, happy feet.  Keep Your Feet Fit!  Get your Runfit Kit NOW!

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In the News…How to Tie Your Running Shoes

I love seeing great foot care information on the News!  Check out this video clip.  Bruce Wilk discusses three different techniques to properly tie your running shoes.  Discover the differences, and learn how to lace your running shoes (or ALL your shoes!) for improved arch support and healthy feet.

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Ankle Sprains Influenced by Foot Position During Walking & Running

Have you ever sprained your ankle?  Did it turn into a nagging chronic injury?

I recently came across a synopsis of a study that was published in the June online edition of the AJSM (American Journal of Sports Medicine) that shows a correlation between ankle alignment and ankle sprains.    Ankle sprains are the most common sports-related injury, and many people develop chronic instability and repetitive ankle injuries.

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Q & A and Pilates Exercise Tips: Foot Fitness for Runners

I’m in a Running Group on LinkedIn, and recently received this great question about foot fitness, running, and orthotics.

Here’s the Question:

“Aliesa, your posts are very informative and caught my interest! I saw an article recently about not using orthotics long term for running. I pronate and my arches are falling.  Do you have recommendations for stretching or strengthening the feet so I don’t need to rely on orthotics while running?   Thanks!”

My Response: 

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Get Your Fantastic Feet in Action!

The cover of BioMechanics – The Magazine of Body Movement and Medicine caught my eye. The February 2007 issue / Volume XIV Number 2 had a barefoot runner on the front and the tag-line, “New barefoot designs challenge footwear conventions.” Since the subject of happy feet and improved posture is near to my heart, I was curious to learn more…

Research into the differences between running with shoes and running barefoot has been going on since the mid 80’s. Findings seem to indicate that peak joint loads may be reduced at the knee & hip when barefoot. But shoes do decrease shock transmission for the spine. The increase support we gain from our shoes means that some of the intrinsic muscles of the feet and lower legs no longer need to do the work they would normally be responsible for. So what you gain in a more supportive shoe, you might actually be losing in your body’s ability to maintain the fine-tuning motor control for balance and stability at the feet. (Stronger shoe = weaker feet.)

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