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Tips To Use Foam Roller Exercises To Improve Your Health and Fitness

foam rollerGet a Stronger Core, Improve Body Awareness and Enjoy Better Support for a Healthy Back and Better Body Mechanics with the Foam Roller Fitness 1 Knee to Chest Core Challenge Exercise

Foam roller exercises are excellent opportunities to improve body awareness and activate the deep muscles throughout the core (Abdominals and Back) that provide stability and support for good posture and healthy movement.

The foam roller is a fun and useful fitness tool that can be used as a warm-up, workout and cool-down!  It’s easy to adjust the challenge by making small adjustments to your alignment and technique so you can work at a pace that’s appropriate for you.  This how-to exercise video is an excerpt from the Foam Roller Fitness Core Challenge Workout Virtual Training Program.

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Twisting Exercise Tips – Improve Core Rotation for Strong Abs and A Healthy Back

 Rotisserie Pulse:  A Core Training Exercise from Pulse Power™ The Daily Dozen – 10 Minute Workout

twist picThis is one of my favorite twisting exercises to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and improve body awareness for efficient, sequential rotation of the spine.  A lot of the times I see clients initiate rotation for Abdominal exercises by pulling with the head, arms and shoulders.  BUT, the arms have nothing to do with getting stronger Abs!  Yes, perhaps if you do enough repetitions, eventually you’ll start to feel that your Abdominals work too, but they’ll work better if they initiate the movement.  Watch this video demo for twisting exercise tips to improve your core support.

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Side Bending Exercise Tips for a Strong and Healthy Back

side bendMaximize the benefits from every side bending exercise in your Pilates workouts and fitness training routine.

We need our spines to support us while we move in many different positions throughout the day, and a strong and healthy back is what keeps us moving in ALL directions.

If you think about it, almost everything we do requires both strength and mobility of the spine.  (Standing, sitting, bending over to tie our shoes, reaching for something on the back seat in the car, getting things off the high shelf in the closet, etc.)

Generally speaking, we don’t do much side bending in our daily life activities, which is why it’s important to incorporate some lateral side bending exercises into your weekly workouts.

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Hip and Leg Exercise for Strong Hips & Healthy Knees

Pulse Power: The Pigeon Pulse Exercise

pigeon pulseAre you looking for exercises to add to your workouts to help keep your hips, knees and legs healthy and strong?  Try this simple hip and leg exercise that you can do in a standing position.

We typically don’t spend much time in a toe-in position, but having the mobility to turn the legs inward and outward is important to strengthen your hips and thighs and help you get a stretch from your calves to the heels.

Most of the time, when we do hip and leg exercises we work in a parallel or  V-position (turned out).

Different parts of our hips and legs have to work and stretch to be in a Pigeon-Toed position (turned in).  Since the knee is between the hips and the heels, to keep the knees tracking well to avoid pain and injury, this Pulse Power Pigeon Pulse exercise can be helpful.  Also, if your calf muscles are tight, if you have stiff ankles, or know you need to be stretching your Achilles to keep your heels healthy, this easy hip and leg exercise is going to help your feet, ankles, and heels too!

Want more pulsing exercises?  Check out the new ebook – Pulse Power Daily Dozen.  Pulse Power fitness is a fast and effective targeted training program to keep your body strong, fit, flexible and injury free.  The Daily Dozen 10-minute workout fits into a busy schedule and has big benefits you will see and feel.

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Pilates Back Exercises: Mobilize the Ribs, Stretch and Strengthen the Spine

Spread EaglePilates Exercise Video Tips to Incorporate the Spread Eagle Exercise into your Workouts

As a part of my “Secret” Training Tips for Mobilizing the Ribcage article series, I made this bonus exercise video to give you an example of one of my favorite Pilates back exercises for extension. 

Before we add spine twisting and rotation exercises to the mix in this discussion of a fit and flexible spine and mobility through the ribcage, here is a great example of an easy standing back exercise to help you work on your spine extension.

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A Snow Day – Pilates Mat Workout

Little Girl in the SnowWith record snowfall in Wichita, Kansas today, most of the city enjoyed a “snow” day!  No work, no school.  I know the kids love it, so when did the grown-ups stop thinking having a snow day was a good excuse for fun and fitness?

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you’ve got an excuse to miss out on your Pilates workout.

This video is dedicated to all my Pilates students, who by acts of Mother Nature missed their training time with me today.   And also a shout out and lots of love to all my fellow Pilates teachers and passionate Pilates students everywhere who know the true value of practicing Pilates for better whole-body health!

Where ever you’re at, whatever the weather, anytime can be a great time for a Pilates workout!

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Core Exercise Video: Pulse Power Ab Workout

Pulse Power Fitness!Are you ready to get your body in shape?  Are you looking for fun new core exercises  to help build strength and improve your fitness?  Tired of doing the same old crunches?

Pulse your way to a tighter, stronger mid-section and better whole-body health with just 10 minutes of Pulse Power training.

Check out this Pulse Power workout core exercise video for the first 4 abdominal exercises in the book.  This video will get you revved up to learn the next 8 exercises.

You will be amazed that such “little” pulses in your Pulse Power Workout
can produce such a BIG burn.

Pulse Power fitness is a fast and effective targeted training program to keep your body strong, fit, flexible and injury-free.  A Pulse Power workout is perfect first thing in the morning, or as a warm-up before a more intense cardio or weight-training workout.

This newly-released Kindle e-book is fully illustrated with easy to follow exercise descriptions for your at home workouts.  The targeted Pulse Power fitness training exercises are designed to improve your body awareness and increase your deep muscle support to improve posture, strength, and flexibility for better balance and body control.

Improve your whole-body health, look good and feel great with the twelve simple exercises in the 10-Minute Pulse Power Daily Dozen.  These exercises are easy to do at home, at the gym, or on the road if you travel.

The Pulse Power Daily Dozen e-book is currently available for Kindle.

Get your copy now – Click HERE.

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Positive Affirmations – Into the Light NOW

Positive affirmations can help you improve your mindset to achieve personal success, prosperity, health, and happiness.   Motivation and personal development are key concepts to explore to ensure that you continue growing and moving  forward in all aspects of your life – personal, professional, health, wealth, relationships, connecting with body, mind, and Spirit.

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GMOs and Genetic Roulette – Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Genetically Modified Food, Food Allergies, Health, Wellness, and Safety

Are you concerned about what you’re eating?  Do you have any medical issues, food allergies, chronic inflammation, diabetes, heart problems, or other diseases that have you spending money on doctor bills, medical tests and exams, and drugs to treat symptoms, but don’t seem to be finding solutions to get and keep your 100% healthy?  Don’t lose hope that you CAN restore your good health.  Or be even healthier than you ever imagined!  But you might be playing genetic roulette if the foods you’re eating are GMOs.

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Knee Strength and Stability: Seated Inner and Outer Thigh Exercise

This knee strength and stability exercise is the third exercise in the “TV Knee Series.”  It’s a great exercise to help develop the support and stability of your inner & outer thighs for healthy, pain-free knees.

ALL of the leg muscles are important to stretch and strengthen for healthy knees.  This simple “TV Knee Series”  exercise with an open and close of the leg helps to strengthen the whole thigh, with a little extra emphasis on the Inner thighs (Adductors) and Outer thighs (Abductors) that help provide leg strength and knee stability.

Typically when we think about leg exercises the focus is on Quadriceps and Hamstring to strengthen the front and back of your legs.  The knee joint is designed to straighten and bend the leg in a forward and back direction, not sideways.   You may notice that sometimes when you stand, walk, sit down and get up, or climb stairs,  that your knees  wobble with a little side-to-side movement at the knee joint.  It’s the strength and  support of the inner and outer thigh muscles that help control this “wobble.”  If your inner & outer thighs are not strong enough to support the knees and hold the legs in good alignment, you will have problems getting the knee joints to track properly and this can be a contributing factor to knee pain.

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