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Core Workout: Incline Bench Abs

This is a fantastic core workout routine to enhance your Pilates training program and improve the strength of your Ab muscles along with helping your back bend better for exercises like the Pilates Roll Up and Neck Pull. You’ll need a decline sit-up bench, or you can use a step aerobics bench and a mat.  I love teaching these exercises to my Pilates clients, and then encourage them to practice the series when they go to the gym.

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Simple Seated Knee Exercise

Strengthen the Quadriceps & Improve Patella (knee cap) Tracking to Help Reduce Knee Pain

This is the second knee exercise in the “TV” Knee Series to help strengthen the muscles around the knees especially the Quadriceps and also improve tracking of the Patella (knee cap) as you straighten the leg.  This is a simple knee exercise that you can do at work or at home (even while you’re watching TV or working in front of your computer!)  All you need is a chair.

If the muscles of the Quadriceps along the front of the thigh are not working properly, the knee cap may not be tracking in its proper groove, which can be a contributing factor to knee injury or pain.

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Improving Knee Strength with a 2 Leg Hamstring Curl Exercise

Hamstring MusclesThe knees are one of the parts of the body that a lot of people have problems with, knee pain, knee injuries, other chronic, nagging aches and pains.

The strength of the muscles around the knees are really important to keep your knees healthy and safe.

Unfortunately, our knees are stuck between our ankles and hips.  If you are experiencing knee pain, chances are there is something else going on with your legs, either down at your foot or at your ankle, or up at the hips that’s a contributing factor in the pain and problems you’re experiencing at your knees.

Here are some tips for doing a double-legged Hamstring Curl Exercise to help improve knee strength, and reduce knee pain and problems.  This is a simple exercise that requires no special equipment. What’s important is that you maintain great form and work in a pain-free range of motion.

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Simple Standing Knee Exercise

Knee Exercise that Strengthen the Quadriceps & Reduce Knee Pain

A while back, I posted a youtube video on the seated Knee Cap Dance exercise which has gotten  a great response.  A viewer requested to see the same knee exercise done in a standing position and this same knee cap movement is really important to learn and be able to do both seated  and standing to be sure that we’re not aggravating or creating potential knee pain.

One of the things that can contribute to knee pain is standing with locked  knees.  The Standing Knee Cap Dance is a great knee exercise to practice to learn how to better support the knee joint.

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Heel Exercise with a Strap for Better Leg Stretching Benefits!

Do you ever have heel pain? Do you feel like your ankles like to roll out to the sides?  Or has anybody ever told you that you pronate your feet when you walk or run?

 This Heel Exercise with a Strap is a nice exercise to get the mobility that you need for your heel and ankles to keep them healthy, safe and pain-free! 

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At Home Workouts with the Pilates Arc Barrel

Have A Barrel of Fun with a Pilates Arc Barrel!  Discover the benefits of better fitness.  Improve posture, increase core strength, gain flexibility, and stay inspired to achieve whole-body health. 

There is no better way to start your day than using your Arc Barrel and doing A Barrel of Fun workout! Improve your posture, stretch tight chest and shoulder muscles, open your hips, wake up your core.  Bend your mind, and your spine with a quick 10-20 minutes of Spine Correcting fitness fun.

Joseph Pilates had some very inspirational thoughts on maintaining good health.  He said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

So where does your spine lay on this spectrum for measuring your youth and vitality?  Are you old, or are you young?  How supple is your body to bend forwards, backwards, and sideways?

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Bagoas Belly Dancing: An Amazing Display of Core Strength, Ab Work, Rhythm, & Flowing Movement

Can Your Abs Do This?

A friend of mine who is an avid belly dancer shared this video with me.  I have to say, gender is irrelevant.  Bagoas know who Bagoas is!  Whether you are male or female…  Can Your Abs do this? 

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Avoid Knee Pain – Patella Tracking Exercise Tips

I posted a video on the Centerworks YouTube channel: Knee Exercises to Strengthen Muscles Around the Patella to Avoid Knee Pain, and it’s been one of the highest viewed videos on my channel.  Thanks to everyone that’s tuned in for this knee exercise tip!  Today, I received a question from a viewer, but was unable to get my reply to send, so I thought I’d post it in a blog and hopefully the person who asked the Knee cap dance questions below will find this, and if there is anybody else out there looking for help with knee pain issues – I hope this blog post will help you too.

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Pilates Exercise Tip: Chest Release for Pain-Free Arms & Shoulders on Overhead Arm Exercises

A Quick & Easy Pilates Exercise Tip for Improving ROM for the Arms & Shoulders

Do you or your Pilates clients ever struggle with shoulder pain or limited range of motion to lift the arms overhead?  Is it a challenge to keep the back or ribs from popping up off the mat when the arms go overhead on exercises like Ribcage Arms, or the Roll Up in Pilates Matwork?  Are you interested in discovering an amazingly simple cue/secret to help reduce shoulder pain and increase your range of motion to more easily lift the arms overhead? 

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Foot & Ankle Strength Exercise Tips: Seated Heel Lifts

Do you realize how important good foot, ankle, and leg alignment is when lifting and lowering your heels ?

Here is a very simple (but sometimes tricky) foot fitness exercise to improve foot and ankle alignment.  This seated heel lift foot-care exercise can increase ankle strength, and help you gain body awareness about what your feet, ankles, and legs are doing as you rise on your toes, and lower your heels.

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