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AIM – Intro to Pilates Workshop in Wichita, KS

AIM - Intro to Pilates Workshop at BODHI BODY Pilates with Aliesa George, PMA-CPTJoin in the Fitness FUN at the AIM-Intro to Pilates Workshop at BODHI BODY Pilates with Aliesa George, PMA-CPT.

If you have good intentions to get started with you Summer fitness plan and are interested in discovering what Pilates can do for YOU — Now is the time to take action and get registered.  

Join us for an upcoming AIM – Awakening Insights Master-Class at BODHI BODY Pilates.

Grab a friend and enjoy a Pilates play-date at the new BODHI BODY Pilates Studio!

This 90 minute introductory Pilates workshop can help you discover what Pilates can do for you to benefit health improvement, increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and enhance mind, body, and movement.

Explore basic concepts, learn about Functional Fundamentals™, and experience beginner exercises on the Mat, Reformer and Tower. Have FUN and get all your questions answered to see if Pilates at BODHI BODY is right for you.

Upcoming AIM Intro to Pilates Workshop Dates:

  • Friday, May 29th:  5:30-7:00pm  
  • Saturday, May 31st:  1:00pm-2:30pm

Space is Limited.  Reservations Required.
Pick the date that works best for you, and contact Aliesa Today to SAVE Your SPOT
for one of these upcoming AIM Intro to Pilates Workshops!

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Rossiter Workshop – Alleviating Pain, Restoring Mobility

Wichita-Rossiter Workshop_Level 1: May 2-3-2015 Rossiter Stretching - Calf Exercise

Rossiter®  –  Mobility Restored – Pain GONE.

Have you heard of Rossiter® Stretching techniques? Even if you haven’t, you might be interested in attending the upcoming Rossiter Workshop.

I knew nothing about the Rossiter system until about 2 years ago.  I was at the Pilates Method Alliance conference strolling around the Expo floor, and there was a booth with a guy, Chuck Lubeck, offering to step on me!  After watching a few other brave folks plop down on the floor and then stand up wide-eyed amazed at how much better they felt, I got in line, and got “Rossitered.”  After one very quick and simple exercise, I stood up and literally one leg was 2-3 inches longer than the other.  It was shocking how quickly my body responded to this technique for fascia release.  I was hooked, asked Chuck  to work on my other leg to even me up, and I was instantly interested in learning more!

Before I walked off, I picked up the flyer on the table, and looked at the info to learn more about Rossiter training. I discovered that there was a Unit 1 Rossiter workshop happening only a few hours from my home 2 weeks later.  I registered immediately, and managed to get a few of my fellow Pilates teachers  and students to join me.  That was almost 2 years ago,  and while I haven’t turned Rossiter stretching into my main occupation, it has become a very valuable tool in my arsenal for helping my Pilates clients improve functional movement patterns, and reduce pain.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I thing Rossiter Stretching is a very powerful technique, that can be easily learned and can enhance any current modality – whether you are a Pilates teacher, like me, or a personal trainer, yoga teacher, PT, Chiropractor, massage therapist, athletic trainer, sports coach, you can easily incorporate Rossiter techniques into your practice.  Heck, I even had one of my Pilates students take the course, and she has had more fun, and gotten great results just helping her family members.

Richard Rossiter has created some of the most powerful techniques known to alleviate pain.  If you don’t have pain, the Rossiter system techniques can be used as a tool to keep you healthy and pain-free.  If you DO have pain, Rossiter system techniques may be a very valuable modality to help improve mobility and reduce or eliminate pain.  All you hard-core athletes, runners, Cross-Fit participants, office athletes-stuck sitting at a desk too many hours a day, laborers who have the unfortunate job of a repetitive motion task day-in, day-out, hair-dressers, dentists, bodyworkers who give to others and who’s hands, arms and shoulders are shot from taking care of everybody else…  I can’t think of a job, occupation, or sport who’s participants couldn’t benefit from Rossiter stretching session.

How does it work?

The Rossiter system techniques help restore the natural “space” inside the body.  It’s difficult to explain, and really needs to be experienced!  But if you think about a shrink-wrapped package of chicken breasts, the meat is locked in tight and immobile.  When you take the meat out of the packaging, it is supple, loose, and mobile.  This is kind of what happens during a Rossiter stretching session.  Your Rossiter Coach will use their foot for “weight” to anchor one end of a muscle.  You’ll then be coached through a series of simple movements.  After each exercise, you’ll assess the changes so you can notice the differences between what’s been worked on, and how it affects the rest of your body.  Rossiter stretching techniques, help restore the “space” inside your muscles, so that tight connective tissue (the “shrink-wrap” of our body) doesn’t restrict movement and create compensation patterns or pain.

Is Rossiter for everybody – NO.  If you’ve got serious health issues, have had surgery or have had cortisone shots on the area you need work, or are on pain medications (which do not allow you to “feel” pain or use proper judgment for safe exercise/movement), then this technique may not be appropriate for you.  But such is the case for everything, Pilates, Yoga, stretching, or exercise in general.  Not everything is for every body.  What’s important is that you are aware of what you can and should do to maintain/improve your health, and what activities or modalities you need to do with caution, or avoid to stay healthy.

I truly believe that the more things we have in our “bag of tricks” or can use as resources to maintain or improve our health, is a good thing.  And the Rossiter system techniques might be a good, or really great thing for you!

If you’re local and in Wichita, and would like to experience a Rossiter stretching session, please contact me for appointment availability and details.

And if after reading this brief little article about how much I love the Rossiter system, you’re thinking you’d like to hop in with both feet, you’ll be happy to know that NO Experience is Necessary to sign up for the Unit 1 Workshop.  And as luck would have it, there will be a workshop IN WICHITA on May 2-3, 2015, and it’s being taught by the creator himself, Richard Rossiter!   (Full disclosure: The Rossiter® organization offers an incentive for Referrals, so if you happen to register for the upcoming Wichita Workshop, or any workshop, and put me, Aliesa George-Centerworks, down as the person that sent you,  I’ll get a little kick-back reward.) 

But regardless of if you’re kind enough to use my name as a referral, I think that the Rossiter® Techniques are Amazing, and well worth learning as a lay person, or health professional!
Click Here for Details and to Register for the Upcoming Unit 1 Rossiter® Workshop.

Download PDF Flyer for Wichita Workshop

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Pilates Workshops for Teachers: Pilates-Walk Training Program

Pilates Walk Training ProgramCenterworks Pilates workshops for teachers are designed to help you make a great investment in your continuing education.  Walk, run, drive, or fly on down to Centerworks Pilates and discover how the Pilates-walk training program can help you teach your Pilates clients to walk well and improve body mechanics for better gait.  Register today for this 2-day Pilates-Walk Training Program Workshop and “walk” away with skills that will enhance your expertise.

After the Pilates-Walk Workshop you will understand what to look for in your clients gait habits that can be improved, and how to utilize what you see to make smart exercise choices that can help Pilates improve gait.  Explore concepts for better body mechanics, and fine-tune Pilates exercises on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, and Barrels that are most helpful for training a healthy stride.

Mindful “Pilates-walk” training habits help connect brain and body to the important benefits of practicing Pilates principles in the studio and during walking workouts to reinforce healthy movement habits for a healthy life.

This 12-hour Centerworks course includes hands‐on learning and practice and is pending approval for CEC Credits through Pilates Method Alliance.

DATE: Saturday, March 22 – Sunday, March 23, 2014
TIME: 9:30am – 5:00pm
LOCATION: Centerworks Pilates Studio, 2637 N. Shefford, Wichita, KS

Space is limited…

Get Details and Register NOW!

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Pilates CEC Workshops: Foot Fitness Training for Pilates Teachers

Foot Fitness TrainingFoot Fitness Training for Pilates Teachers is the third workshop in the Centerworks Spring 2014 series of Pilates CEC Courses.  Let’s have some fun with your feet. Good health starts from the ground up!

Explore the foundation of our posture and propulsion system with a targeted focus on the feet. By incorporating the Fantastic Feet exercises, Pilates equipment exercises, and other helpful foot fitness resources into your Pilates programs, you can inspire your clients to focus on their feet to enhance the benefits from their Pilates program for better whole‐body health.

This 2-day, 12-hour Centerworks course includes hands‐on learning and practice and will incorporate exercises that can be incorporated into Matwork, as well as foot-focused exercises on the Pilates equipment, and supplemental foot fitness resources.

This course is pending approval for CEC Credits through Pilates Method Alliance.

DATE: Saturday, February 22 – Sunday, February 23, 2014
TIME: 9:30am – 5:00pm
LOCATION: Centerworks Pilates Studio, Wichita, KS

Space is limited….

Get Details and Register NOW!

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Pilates CEC Workshops: Theme of the Day-Pilates Teaching Techniques

Theme of the DayThe Centerworks Pilates CEC Workshops series is designed to provide Pilates Teachers with helpful tips, exercises and information to help enhance your expertise, deepen your appreciation for the power of Pilates, and assist you with client retention for a healthy business and long-lasting career doing what you love – helping others improve their health with Pilates.

Discover success strategies for working the Pilates system and developing fun, innovative Theme-based Pilates training programs that will keep your clients coming back for more.

If you are looking for ways to help your clients make positive changes and exercise corrections that stick in their bodies to create new and improved healthy movement habits you’ll want to be at this workshop!

Discover the power of the Pilates system, and help your clients connect mind, body, and movement for fast and lasting improvements by incorporating Theme of the Day teaching strategies into your Pilates programs. The same old exercises will never be dull or boring if your training program incorporates Theme of the Day teaching success strategies.

This 6-hour Centerworks course includes hands-on learning and practice and is pending approval for CEC Credits through Pilates Method Alliance.

Sunday, January 26, 2014
9:30am – 5:00pm
Centerworks Pilates Studio, 2637 N. Shefford, Wichita, KS

Space is limited…

Get Details and Register NOW!

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Pilates CEC Courses – Bolting Basics for Balanced Muscle Development

Bolting Basics SystemMark your calendar and plan to attend the Spring 2014 series of Pilates CEC Courses starting with Bolting Basics.

Discover the amazing benefits for improving core support, alignment and control with the Centerworks simple unique and easy-to-learn Bolting Basics System. The skills and strategies you will explore during this Bolting Basics workshop will help you help your clients improve the mind-body connection and maximize body support for healthy movement during your Pilates workouts.

Learn how the Bolting Basics System can improve core stability, enhance mobility, benefit better posture, and body control to fine‐tune functional movement. Then, discover how easy it is to apply cuing for this Bolting System to ALL the Pilates exercises in your teaching repertoire to help maximize your clients benefits from their Pilates training program.

This 6-hour, hands-on workshop will help you develop skills and strategies to improve muscle balance and develop better body mechanics for the spine, hips, and shoulders.

(This workshop is currently pending approval for CEC Credits through Pilates Method Alliance.)  Space is limited.  This is the first of 4 scheduled Spring Training CEC courses for Pilates Teachers.  Save the date and register for the Spring Training Series NOW!

DATE: Saturday, January 25, 2014
9:30am – 5:00pm
Centerworks Pilates Studio, 2637 N. Shefford, Wichita, KS

Get All the Details and Register Now!

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Centerworks Shoulder Workshops:

Develop Strength, Flexibility, and Fitness for Heatlhy Shoulders with these Awesome Workshops

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your arms and shoulders in tip-top shape with these TWO Shoulder Workshops from Centerworks.

Mark your calendar and register NOW to join Aliesa George, PMA-CPT on Saturday, February 1, 2014 in Topeka, KS at Pilates Performance & Rehab, for these fun, information-packed workshops. Discover new ways to improve fitness and reduce pain, increase strength and flexibility, and enhance your whole‐body health, by improving body awareness, developing healthy movement habits for your arms and shoulders.  By getting the right shoulder exercises into your workout programs you can reduce the risk of injury, alleviate annoying neck an shoulder pain, and help improve your whole-body health.

All workshops are appropriate for: Pilates Students & Pilates Teachers.

Stress-Stress-Free ShouldersFree Shoulders 

Intro to Shoulder Mechanics for Healthy Movement Habits
February, 1, 2014

Discover Easy Arm & Shoulder Exercises You Can Add
To Your Pilates Program and Fitness Workouts:

  • Develop Healthy Movement Habits
  • Reduce Neck and Shoulder Tension
  • Improve Posture, Alignment, and Body Mechanics
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Healthy, Pain‐Free Shoulders

Includes: 2‐hours of hands‐on learning and practice, PLUS a Stress‐Free Shoulder Exercise Handout and Exercise Guide.

ShouldShoulder Mechanicser Mechanics

Simple Strength & Conditioning Exercises for Strong Healthy Shoulders
February 1, 2014

Explore Simple Strength & Conditioning Strategies
To Help Keep Your Shoulders Strong, Fit, and Flexible!

  • Improve Strength and Mobility of the Arms & Shoulders
  • Learn Exercises and Concepts for Improving Shoulder Mechanics
  • Incorporate Shoulder Conditioning Strategies into Your Pilates and Fitness Workouts
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury, and Improve Your Whole-Body Health

Includes: 2‐hours of hands‐on learning and practice, PLUS a Shoulder Mechanics Handout and Exercise Guide.

Download the Workshop Flyer

Space is limited. Register EARLY for best pricing… 

Click HERE NOW to Register
for these Awesome Workshops!

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Pulse Power Fitness Webinar

Pulse Power Title PagePulse-Power Training & the Piezoelectric Effect

Harnessing Your Inner Power for Strength, Flexibility & Fitness

Discover new levels of personal power to improve your strength, flexibility, and fitness in the Pulse Power Online Workshop. Incorporate these easy and effective Pulse-Power exercises into your workouts and you will rapidly improve core support, balance, and body control. This simple training technique and targeted exercise system will “electrify” your workouts!

Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Time: Noon-1:15pm CST
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As a BONUS: This fitness webinar includes the e-book The Daily Dozen 10 Minute Pulse-Power Workout Plan (an $8 value) to help you get started enjoying the benefits of better health with Pulse-Power training.

Pulse-Power is an effective daily workout or warm-up before more intense exercise. If you run, walk, dance, do Pilates, lift weights, or any other sport or activity…Pulse-Power Training can help you stay healthy, active and injury-free.

Click here to register for the Pulse-Power Training and the Piezoelectric Effect  75-minute Webinar presented by Pulse Power author Aliesa George, PMA-CPT.

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Rediscover the Benefits of Getting Back to Basics: Pilates Professional Development at Foundations 101

Teacher TrainingAre you currently teaching Pilates?  Are you hungry for tips, techniques and exercises to increase your knowledge base and Pilates professional development?  Consider attending the Centerworks Foundations 101 Workshop.

Foundations 101 explores tools and teaching techniques to enrich your clients’ workouts and continue helping fine-tune your clients functional movement skills to maximize benefits for their Pilates workouts.

Check out what these Centerworks graduates
said about their experience

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Pilates Teacher Training: Top 10 Benefits of a Great Foundation

Centerworks® Foundations 101: Pilates Teacher-Training Prep WorkshopAre you ready to leave the desk job behind and start down a path towards your dream job as a Pilates teacher?

Start your Pilates Teacher Training journey here, with the Centerworks Foundations 101 Workshop.  Check out the Top 10 Benefits of this interactive and action packed 3-day class that will kick-start your Pilates Career.

Top Ten List of the Amazing Benefits of Participating in the Foundations 101 Workshop


10.  The skills, exercises and functional body knowledge that you gain is a priceless investment to become a well qualified Pilates Teacher.

9.  Studying with a Master Teacher can cut years off the learning curve. The knowledge and expertise Aliesa George has to share will increase you confidence and skills right from the start.

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