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Pilates for Beginners: 12-Week Basic Training

I’m thrilled to announce that starting in January Centerworks will be offering  a NEW Pilates for Beginners program!

The Centerworks® Basic Training Program is a 12-week course designed for healthy beginner students with little or no prior Pilates experience.

This small group training class will meet  for forty-five minutes twice a week to help build a solid foundation of support and understanding of the power of Pilates and the Centerworks® Intentional Movement Training Systems to help you look good and feel great!

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Awesome Workshops Pilates Webinar: 6-Dot Strategy for Effective Rotation of the Spine

Twisting Exercises  for a Healthy Spine from

Unleash the power of the 6-Dot Strategy to help transform the benefits of all of your Oblique core training exercises.

Explore the feeling of easy, effortless movement and effective sequential rotation of the spine.

The 6-Dot Strategy is an easy way to cue and teach Pilates exercises with a twist, to help maximize the benefits of rotation for a healthy spine.

Register NOW and reserve your spot to learn more about the 6-Dots!

This Awesome Workshops Pilates Webinar is designed for Pilates Teachers
(and passionate Pilates students.) 

During this 60-minute Webinar, Aliesa George, PMA-CPT  will share with you the benefits of using the Centerworks Intentional Movement Training Systems: 6-Dot  StrategyTM  to access more strength, power, and support for all your twisting exercises.

What: 6-Dot Strategy for Effective Rotation of the Spine
Tuesday, December 4th
Online Webinar Training

If you can’t make the date but really want to be there…  Go ahead and register anyway!  All  participants will get access to the replay link to watch, review, and practice what you’ve learned.

Click this link  NOW To Register:

See Ya in Class!

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Centerworks Webinar Workshops for a Healthy Body & Active Life

Centerworks Functional Movement for Whole-Body Health - LogoSimple Strategies and Solutions to Help You Get Results and Enjoy Wellness Success

I am so excited to be offering these two upcoming webinar workshops.   You can live anywhere in the world and join me for some helpful insights and details to help you improve your functional fitness and whole-body health.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic Pilates student who wants to discover more about the little details to help you improve your exercise technique, an athlete looking to fine-tune your form and function to stay strong, centered, and injury-free, or a Pilates teacher, personal trainer, or other health professional interested in gleaning new tips and strategies you can share with your clients, I invite you to join me for these two upcoming Centerworks® Online Training Academy – Awesome Workshops!

Without the right muscles working for your Pelvic Floor, it’s impossible to really support your body and strengthen your core.  And the Pelvic Floor does so much more…  Discover effective training tips and secret strategies to find and use your pelvic floor, AND why it matters for your health.

There are lots of very important reasons to maintain strong, fit, and flexible, hips.  Walking, running, standing up and sitting down, climbing stairs…  To move our bodies whether it’s for fitness, work, or just daily life tasks, we need good functional movement at the hips to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Learn more about the complexities of good hip mechanics and gain insights into movements to be sure are incorporated into your training program to ensure healthy, happy, pain-free hips.

Early-birds get an amazing deal!  Register by October 19th and the second course is free!

Invest in improving your whole-body health, check out the details and register NOW!

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Fantastic Feet for Runners & Walkers


A Workshop for Focused Foot Fitness Training

Discover the Secrets to Healthy & Happy, Pain-Free Feet  
(No Pilates experience required.)

Good health starts from the ground up!  Whether you walk or run, taking good care of your feet is an important part of any wellness program.

There are lots of quick & easy foot care exercises you can incorporate into your workouts  to help improve your posture, body alignment and muscle support for healthy, happy, injury-free ankles, arches, and toes.

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Pilates Training for Healthy Hips


Another Centerworks
Awesome Workshop!

Exercise Strategies To Improve Hip
Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility

Pilates Training for Healthy Hips Workshop coming to Pilates Performance & Rehab in Lawrence KS.

This 3-hour Centerworks® Awesome workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George, is designed for experienced Pilates students, and Pilates teachers to discover exercises and learn more about the benefits of better hip mechanics for healthy movement with Pilates equipment training.

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Pilates-Walk Workshop


 Pilates Tips to Improve Your Walking Technique for Better Wellness.

Fine-tune your posture, body alignment and muscle support to help improve your gait and maximize the benefits from your walking workouts during this 2-hour Centerworks® Awesome Workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George.  Learn the secrets to walking well…

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Intro to Pilates Workshop – Discover What Pilates Can Do For YOU!

Tips, Techniques, & Strategies to Get Started with Pilates Matwork


Improve Core Strength, Flexibility, and Whole-Body Health.

Learn more about what Pilates training can do to help you improve posture, core support, and balanced muscle development to stay strong, fit, flexible, and injury-free during this 2-hour introductory Pilates workshop with Centerworks and Aliesa George, PMA-CPT.

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Centerworks Pilates Teacher-Training Workshop: Basic Pilates Matwork

Register NOW…To get started with a rewarding career
as a Pilates Professional!

Basic Pilates Mat Workshop

Dates: May 4 – 6, 2012
Hours: Fri.,10am-6pm, Sat.,10am-6pm, Sun., 10am-4pm

Registration: By Phone:
Call Aliesa – cell: (316) 734-5360
or call Kasondra at Prime Concepts Group: (316) 942-1111

This is YOUR chance to become a GREAT Pilates Mat Teacher!

  • Enjoy a Rewarding Career in Mind-Body Health & Wellness – Teach Pilates Matwork!
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully teach a Basic Pilates Mat class.
  • Starting with Fundamental and Beginner Pilates Matwork exercises – Develop Your Expertise.
  • Acquire strong teaching skills for seeing, cueing, and spotting.
  • Learn how to progress new Pilates Mat students into a solid Basic program.
  • Discover the brilliance of the Pilates Matwork system and how the development of the mind-body connection is key for whole-body health & wellness.
  • Enjoy the benefits of helping others improve their whole-body health and quality of life with Pilates!

Required Workshop Resources

  • Centerworks® Basic Matwork Manual
  • Book/DVD set – Posture Principles for Health, by Aliesa George
  • Book – Return to Life Through Contrology, by Joseph H. Pilates

                                Required Materials for the Basic Mat workshop are not included in workshop fees.
                               These resources can be purchased separately at
                               or ordered by phone when you register for the workshop.

Workshop Location:

Centerworks® Studio,
2637 N. Shefford, Wichita, KS 67205

Payment Options: Cash/Check/CC-Visa, MasterCard, AmEx

  •  Full Payment of $750
  •  Payment Plan $250 Deposit (due now) + $500 balance (on or before May 4th)

*There are two additional Matwork Workshops – Intermediate & Advanced to complete the “Matwork only” portion of
this program. The Basic Mat Workshop is the first in a series of eight Centerworks Pilates Teacher-Training
Workshops to become a comprehensively trained Pilates Teacher. Dates for the additional 2 Mat workshops and 5
equipment workshops to complete the series will be scheduled to meet the needs of the group enrolled in the Basic
Mat workshop who intend to complete the full Centerworks® Pilates Teacher-Education Program.

**To provide you with an excellent hands-on learning experience, a minimum of 4, and maximum of 8 participants
enrolled by April 30th is required for this workshop to be held. Please register early to reserve your spot!

Download a Copy of the Workshop Flyer: Centerworks_Pilates_TT_Basic-Mat-Flyer-May 4-6-2012

Call to Register Today! Aliesa – cell (316) 734-5360, or Kasondra (316) 942-1111

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PMA CEC Workshops for Pilates Instructors with Aliesa George and Centerworks

I’m thrilled to announce that the Pilates Method Alliance just approved my PMA CEC Provider Application and have approved three Centerworks® Pilates workshops for continuing education credits!

Whether you’re a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher in need of continuing education credits to maintain your PMA certification, or just looking for some great information to add to your expertise, these three courses are packed with usable tips and information that can help you improve your eye, make great Pilates exercise choices for your client training programs, and help deepen your understanding of the brilliance of the Pilates system.

Here are the three courses that have been PMA-CEC Approved:

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Aliesa George Pilates and Wellness Speaker Preview Video

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