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Core Fitness: Reduce Neck Pain for Pilates Matwork Exercises and All Ab Workouts

I posted a blog article related to the topic of reducing neck strain during Pilates matwork and ab training few weeks ago.  Here’s a new video post in my Core Training series to discuss the same issue.

Neck strain, and occasionally pain, is something that is common during Pilates Matwork and general abdominal conditioning programs.  And while feeling some work in the neck while those muscles are getting stronger, might be a good thing… When you’re really wanting to work on strengthening your abs, it’s a challenge to focus when you’ve got more pain in your neck than work in your belly!

Discover a very important tip that can help you reduce neck pain and improve core fitness for all your Pilates exercises and general fitness abdominal training workouts in this third video from my Core Training Tips series:


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