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Do YOU Have a Dream?

Watch Susan Boyle, singer live her dream on Britain’s Got Talent!

So there aren’t too many things that hit my inbox that send instant chills down my spine, and tears streaming down my face… But this did it!

Whatever your hopes and dreams, or goals and visions be it personal, professional, health, family, or life…

May you experience a shift in perspective today to strengthen your belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your potential!

Please close your eyes and attempt to clear your mind for 30 seconds.

Then, read the questions below and enjoy this video clip:

  1. What is the “right” age for accomplishing my greatest dream?
  2. Do I hear the laughter and believe the doubters when I am mocked for expecting life’s very best?
  3. What great possibility have I forced myself to stop considering?
  4. Who will be inspired or benefit directly when I succeed?
  5. When will right now become the best time to begin?

(forwarded message & questions from — Your friend, Andy Andrews)

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