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Foot Arch Strengthening Tip: Feeling Your Feet – Reaching Through The Rays

Keep your feet healthy and arches lifted and strong, help eliminate foot pain to stay active, pain-free, and fit

sunshineA quick foot fitness tip for you today:  Think of the rays of your feet, like little Rays of Sunshine!  When you’re practicing your Fantastic Feet exercises or doing any exercise where you rise up on your toes or point through your feet – focus on feeling your foot bones lengthen away from your body like little rays of sunshine. 

The more you can reach away, the more joint space you’ll be creating for better movement and articulation for your ankle and toes.  And this reaching sensation will help you activate the muscles along the sole of the foot to improve foot arch strength and enhance arch support.

Keep your sunny side up and be confident that your Pilates workouts and foot fitness training program is working to keep your feet healthy and fit. Practice reaching through the rays to help strengthen your arches when pointing your toes.


Need to get your Foot Fitness program started?  There’s a lot you can do with even a quick 5-10 minutes 2-3 days a week to focus on your feet to keep them strong, fit, flexible, and pain-free.

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