Five Exercises for a Foot Strengthening
Fitness Program
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Why is a Foot Fitness Program Important to Incorporate into Your Wellness Lifestyle?

Five Foot Strengthening Exercises PDFOur feet are the most used & abused part of the body. The arches of the feet provide us with flexibility, help to absorb shock, distribute the weight of the body, and assist the feet in adapting to surface changes when walking, running, & climbing. Lack of proper foot and/or arch strength & flexibility can contribute to fallen arches, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, & neck problems, and potential pain or injury. Good balance and body control is necessary for daily living activities as well as sport performance. Our feet play an important roll in maintaining posture and health.

You can quickly and easily help improve foot muscle strength, flexibility and movement with a focused foot fitness program and specific foot care exercises.

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Five Exercises for a Foot Strengthening Fitness Program


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