How to Tie Your Tennies for Healthy
& Happy Feet
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It may sound kind of silly, but did you know that how you tie your shoes may affect the health of your feet?

How to tie your tenniesOur feet are the most used & abused part of the body—especially if you enjoy walking and running for exercise! The arches of the feet provide us with flexibility, help to absorb shock, distribute the weight of the body, and assist the feet in adapting to surface changes when walking, running, and climbing. Lack of proper foot/arch strength and flexibility can contribute to fallen arches, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, and neck problems. ALL of this is compounded when you’re pounding the pavement for miles to get a good workout in.

Try This Experiment:

You can do this to yourself—or get with a friend. With your shoes on or off, stand or sit, and place your thumb on the bone centered over your arch that runs down to your big toe. Apply downward pressure with your thumb to the top of your foot and notice what you feel happen to the muscles of your arches on the bottom of your foot.

What Did You Notice?

When you pressed down, did you feel the muscles under your foot relax/release? And when you took the pressure off, did those muscles re-activate and the arches of your foot lift slightly?

When there is pressure across the top of your foot (the middle of your arch), by laces too tight, a strap, elastic… it all depends on the shoe style. This pressure cues the muscles on the bottom of your feet to relax. When the muscles of the arches relax, they no longer are doing their job to support the bones of the foot (and consequently, the rest of your body.) If this continues over time, foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain could result—all from lack of support or proper muscle use with the feet!

Are you working your whole body with your current fitness program? Including your feet?

What exercises are you doing to specifically strengthen and stretch your, ankles, arches, & toes?

Most fitness programs, don’t teach strength training for toes! However, exercises for your feet are vital for long-term whole-body health. Especially if you enjoy walking and running!

What can I do to keep my feet strong and arches lifted?

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