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Health Inspiration: 80 Years Old, Fit, and Fabulous Ballroom and Salsa Dancer!

Check Out This Hot Salsa Dancer – She’s Discovered the Secret to Living a Great Life!

WOW!  I get goosebumps every time I watch this clip.  We are never too old to move well, enjoy the benefits of strength and flexibility, and have complete control over our body! I wonder what age she was when she started taking dance lessons?  She could have been 5 or 75!   How fun to be eighty years old, loving it, and truly having the skills to enjoy life!!

I wonder if she does Pilates too?  I know that this is why I’m doing Pilates!  Please, oh pleeease…  let me be this active, healthy, and fit when I’m eighty!

Watching this, you’ll be able to share and celebrate her success, and perhaps be inspired to follow your own path to a Fit and Fabulous Life!

We can ALL be, ALL that we can be!  Get out there and go for it!

Check out this video, it’s definitely worth watching for health inspiration.  Enjoy!

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