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iWalk – Actively Powered Foot and Ankle for Amputees

It’s amazing what technology is able to do and humans are able to create to help improve the lives of others!  The iWalk prosthetics company has created the worlds’ first actively powered foot and ankle!  Their PowerFoot One is designed to give amputees an ease of movement that is natural.  This prosthetic limb makes approximately 500 adjustments every second!  It’s computer processors have a library of known human foot movement patterns to help anticipate what the foot and ankle need to do.  Incredible!!!  It’s great to know that the opportunity to restore a more normal quality of life with this technological advancement might be possible after the loss of a limb.  Our feet are so important.  I hope that in time, these prosthetic devices will become affordable for the people who really need them.

Click Here to read more about the iWalk PowerFoot One.

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