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Jumpstart Your Pilates Teacher Training Program with Foundations 101

Is it time for a career change?  Have you pondered the possibility of becoming a personal trainer, exercise educator or Pilates instructor? Are you currently in the health and wellness field, but want to enhance your skills and services?

Jumpstart your goals with theCenterworks® Foundations 101 Workshop.  This 3-day workshop is designed for adults considering a Pilates teaching career.

Topics Covered during Centerworks Foundations 101 Workshop:Roll Down the Wall-cropped

  • Developing Your Eye: Assessing Posture and Body Alignment for Better Health
  • Breathing Basics: Getting Started with Proper Pilates Breathing Techniques
  • Building a Strong Foundation: Principles, Concepts & Terminology for Teaching Healthy Movement Habits
  • Fundamental Pre-Pilates Exercises for Beginning Pilates Students: Self-Exploration and Awareness to Improve Functional Movement and Whole-Body Health

Becoming a knowledgeable, well-qualified Pilates teacher is the catalyst to a successful career!

What You Will You Get Out of This 3-day Workshop?

  • Experience learning, practicing and teaching pre-Pilates exercises that you will use as a Pilates teacher for beginner students.
  • Improve awareness of your posture and the skills to assess your clients’ posture.
  • Knowledge of and exercises for better breathing and body alignment.

Included in Your Course Fees:

  1. Foundations 101 Workbook – resources, tips and exercises to reinforce and review all the pre-Pilates exercises and the information you explored and experienced during the Workshop.
  2. Beginner-Intermediate Pilates Workout CDBonus 1! Basic Pilates Audio Workout CD and Beginner-Intermediate Audio Workout CD – listen to help you listen for cues and continue to practice Pilates exercises to get YOUR Pilates body in shape for teacher-training intensives!
  3. Bonus 2! – TWO 45-minute Basic Matwork Classes with Aliesa during the workshop.



Why I’m Glad I Took This Workshop:
“Learning fundamentals was essential so I could move through the actual Pilates exercise correctly and without injury. 

Learning fundamentals (definitely) helped me become a better instructor.  By having the Foundation 101 exercises in my ‘basket of teaching tools’ I can help a new students progress more quickly and understand the Pilates philosophy and basis for the next set of Pilates exercises.”

Michelle Johnson
Centerworks® Trained Pilates Instructor, PMA member, Pilates Performance and Rehab – Lawrence, KS


Make wise decisions for your Pilates Teacher Training program.  Be sure you are in the best program possible for your education!  Regardless of the ultimate decision on whom you choose for your Pilates Teacher-Training mentor, the skills, exercises and functional body knowledge that you will gain at the Foundations 101 workshop is a priceless investment in deepening your understanding of healthy movement habits to become a well qualified Pilates Teacher.

Become a GREAT Pilates teacher with a GREAT education, starting with Foundations 101.

The Foundations 101 Workshop is a pre-requisite for participation
in the Centerworks Pilates Teacher-Training Program.

 Space is Limited and your payment saves your spot!

Don’t delay, Register TODAY!

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