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Keep Your Kids Active For Better Bone Health

kidsDo you worry about bone health for your children?  If you haven’t ever given it a thought – you should.

There are lots of good health reasons to keep your kids active, and in our current fast-food, computer driven, sedentary society it is becoming harder and harder to get kids to move.

Participating in the right types of exercises and sports are critical for better bone health.

Not only is exercise necessary for healthy brain development  and a strong body, but the foundation we build  as children directly affects how healthy we will be later in life.

Did you know that once peak bone mass has been reached, further gains during our lifetime are minimal.  Childhood through adolescence is the best time to pay attention to bone development.  Girls, by the age of twenty have gained 90-96 percent of their peak bone mass.  And boys will peak just a few years later in their mid 20’s.

Check out this great article that was recently published in The New York Times, “To Ensure Bone Health, Start Early” by Jane E. Brody for some informative info on the benefits of exercise for children and adolescents to build better bones, as well as types of activities that are best for maximizing bone strength.

Keep your kids moving!  And regardless of your age, young or old, stay active and incorporate a variety of different cross-training activities into your weekly workouts to decrease risk of injury and develop better bone health.

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