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Exploring Whole Body Health and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Upgrading and Downgrading Your Health:  How Imbalances Can Affect the Performance of your Body to Maintain and Enjoy Optimal Whole-Body Health Most of the time what I write and share on my blog are my thoughts, comments, and exercise tips and perhaps an occasional guest article post.  But today, I’ve got something special!  I’m blessed […]

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Thanksgiving and the Art of Being Thankful

Being Thankful

Sharing the Gift of Gratitude with the Ones You Love Are you being thankful and living every day to its fullest? This has been another challenging year when I find being thankful difficult. And yet, I’ve been given great opportunities to see the power of grace, gratitude, and thankfulness in action.  With the world seemingly […]

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation May Help Reduce Inflammation, Depression, and More…

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Might Be A Missing Link for Better Health How in touch are you with your Vagus Nerve? Do you struggle with inflammation, depression, or other chronic health challenges?  Has anybody ever suggested that you do anything specific to support your Vagus Nerve or suggested Vagus Nerve Stimulation?  Do you even have a […]

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Improve Your Mind-Body Connection

10 Tips to Tune-In to What Your Body is Telling You by Improving Your Mind-Body Connection It’s crazy all the ways we’ve conditioned our bodies to over-ride our mind-body connection.  Too many people these days don’t listen to what their body is telling them and act accordingly.  Sadly, we’ve been told that we need to […]

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A Simple Hand Exercise to Balance Energy and Emotions

Healing Hand Exercise

Help Yourself with this Hand Exercise Embrace the power of healing hands. We all know how good a massage feels, and how important touch is to provide calming, healing energy. But did you know there is a simple way that you can work with your own hands to help heal yourself? I’m always so amazed […]

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The Massive Fitness Trend (that’s Not Helping You Be Healthy)

Are Fitness Trends – Helping or Hurting Your Whole-Body Health? I just read the article The Massive Fitness Trend That’s Not Actually Healthy at All by Jonathan Angelilli. And it’s worth your time to read. This is a very well-written article with good reasoning for learning to listen to your body. Developing the mind-body connection […]

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Welcoming In the Chinese New Year – 2014: The Year of the Horse

Health and Success – Paying Attention and Making the Transition with the Green Horse Energy Shift While I am not an expert in Chinese Astrology, I do find it interesting.  And from my training and teaching Bigu Qigong and studying Yin-Yang and Five-Element Theory, I am always fascinated about the relationship between what I know […]

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Do You Love Your Body?

Do You Love Your Body?  I have to admit, my answer for most of my life has been NO!   I’ve been working on an attitude adjustment, and struggled with loving my body, body image, and self-esteem my whole life!  I’m still working on it –being both an athlete, and professional in the health and fitness […]

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Pilates Quote: Increase Energy

There are many ways to increase energy. Food is too often the go-to substance for a pick-me-up, as food is a primary source of nutrients to provide energy to our cells. Meditation is a way to manage and focus our energy. Daily meditation helps calm our mind and our body to reduce stress and improve […]

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Mind-Body Health: 7 Training Tips To Help You Enjoy An Active Life with a Sound Mind and a Healthy Body

Ever wonder what stops you from making great choices to exercise and be fit for an active and healthy life?  Is it lack of exercise, or lack mentality?  Does your attitude ever get in the way wreaking havoc on how you “feel,” and blocking your motivation to get up and move?  Perhaps these simple mind-body […]

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