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Monday’s Motivational and Inspirational Word of the Day – BALANCE

To be in BALANCE may not mean that everything in your life gets equal time, but that there is a definite tipping point to pay attention to so that all of the important aspects of your live get some dedicated time weekly.  

Pay attention to what feels out-of-balance, then focus on the steps needed to tip things in your favor to improve the health of your mind, body, and Spirit.

◊  Are you enjoying BALANCE between work & play, sleep & activity, chores & fun?

◊  Is what you’re eating, and the amount of exercise you get daily,  in-BALANCE to maintain a healthy and happy you?

◊  What feels out-of-BALANCE that you’d like to see change?

Focus this week on finding BALANCE in your thoughts and actions.

Notice the abundant feelings of calm, peace, and happiness that BALANCE creates in your life.

Life is Better IN Balance!

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