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Pilates Quote – Physical Fitness for Life

Why is physical fitness important to you? What’s the point of exercise? Are you thinking it’s just “to lose weight” or “to get a toned, hot body?” Well, those are great side-effects to exercise, but the real reason we should be toiling away in the gym or sweating it out at the Pilates Studio is to keep our bodies strong and flexible enough to do our everyday life activities with ease.

If you have ever been injured and found it impossible to walk, roll over in bed, or get up and down off the toilet then you realize and appreciate the importance of maintaining your good health. Taking the time to improve your physical fitness to be fit and healthy is not just to look good, but to feel good, mind, body, and soul – to have the ability to enjoy your work AND free-time as Joe would say, “with spontaneous zest and pleasure!”

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