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Pilates Back Exercises: Mobilize the Ribs, Stretch and Strengthen the Spine

Spread EaglePilates Exercise Video Tips to Incorporate the Spread Eagle Exercise into your Workouts

As a part of my “Secret” Training Tips for Mobilizing the Ribcage article series, I made this bonus exercise video to give you an example of one of my favorite Pilates back exercises for extension. 

Before we add spine twisting and rotation exercises to the mix in this discussion of a fit and flexible spine and mobility through the ribcage, here is a great example of an easy standing back exercise to help you work on your spine extension.

Spread Eagle is one of my favorite exercises.  It is fabulous for getting the spine moving from the top and from the bottom.  And since Spread Eagle is a standing exercise, it is different than practicing arching exercises, like the Swan in Pilates Matwork, where you’re lying down on your stomach, because gravity affects us much differently in a standing position.

Use the Pilates Spread Eagle exercise to help improve the mobility of your ribcage for better spine articulation, and help you really feel the ribs changing positions as you move the back from flexion to extension.

Check out this video, and give this great exercise a try.

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