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Pilates Quote: Habits

Are your Habits helping or harming your health? Our daily actions and the choices we make directly reflect in how we feel, look, act, think.  Our habits reflect whether we’re healthy and pain free, or health challenged and struggling with aches, pains, injuries, or other medical ailments.

Habits are patterns that your brain has accepted as “The Way” to get a task done.  We have habits or rituals for getting up in the morning, cooking meals, what we wear, what we think, when we exercise, our jobs, hobbies…  Generally speaking, humans are creatures of habit.

Are the habits you have for what you choose to eat, or how you sit, stand, or move serving you?

Adopting new and better habits for better health will take conscious awareness to identify what you have to change. Then to get results, the brain and body must go through a remodeling process mindfully making new choices, practicing new habits, and discovering the positive improvements that will be the benefit of your efforts.  What ails you that adopting a new habit can help you change?  Identify your wrong habits and move to improve them now.

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