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Pilates Quote: Physical Perfection

money girIt’s sad to think that when Joseph Pilates wrote this quote, exasperated at the amount of time and money people were spending in an attempt to achieve physical perfection, it was in 1934!  His frustration on this topic was penned almost 80 years ago… and it’s very safe to say that in the last eighty years the amount of “time” and “money” spent to obtain physical perfection has increased ten times or more!

How much time and money do you spend on your health?

Not only medical health, and physical fitness, but the food and supplements you eat, the clothes you wear, haircuts, beauty products, manicures/pedicures, and the list goes on…  How much of your monthly budget is used in the hope of improving your physical self?  The things listed above are the “easy” every-day expenditures striving for physical perfection.  But what if this is not enough?  Is investing in Botox and a boob job worth it to you?  Or how about getting a tummy tuck, or stomach stapling procedure to help redefine your figure and lose weight?  Which would you choose? Expensive surgery, or a pair of SPANX, a personal trainer, and eating moderate portion sizes of healthy nutritious food along with a sensible exercise program.  We are an instant gratification society; do you have the patience to invest your time and money wisely for long-term health?

Millions of people don’t think for a second about spending their cash on “quick fixes” with the allure of looking prettier, having fewer wrinkles, or aiding their efforts for weight loss via expensive surgeries.  But a quick fix won’t change the lifestyle habits or underlying emotional issues that helped create the poor body issues in the first place.  Yes beauty takes a little effort.  But it’s far more important to love yourself as you are, then to spend every last dollar trying to change how you look, so you can change how you feel.  Beauty starts from inside and radiates out!  Change your attitude first, it’s economical…go from there and you might just find more time to enjoy life and money to save, invest, or spend as you wish.

Yes, it’s important to invest in your health.  Spend your time and money wisely.  Create your own personal image of physical perfection.  Don’t let the media, or anyone else influence how you feel about your body, look, or act to take care of your beautiful self.   You are perfect just the way you are.

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