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Pilates Quote: Pilates Breathing

How well are you breathing? Have you ever practiced Pilates breathing? A short science lesson. Cells are known as the “building blocks of life.” Sounds like our cells are pretty important. Cells make up our bones, muscles, tissues, ligaments, nerves and all our organs. Cells must have oxygen to survive and do their jobs in our bodies. The only way to get oxygen to each of our 37 trillion cells is to breathe. With such a big job to do, our bodies will function best if our breathing is strong and efficient.

Don’t leave your cells struggling for air. Deep breathing, breathing that fills your lungs to their fullest is important for a healthy and happy body. Pilates breathing fills the lungs from the bottom up, with powerful, deep, posterior-lateral breaths that expand the ribcage for maximum space for maximum oxygen to feed your body and your brain.

**** Try some deep Pilates Breathing with this short Pilates Breathing video.

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