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Pilates Quote: Progress in the New Year

Are you ready to commit to making your dreams come true?  It’s the time of year when we promise ourselves that this is going to be the year we’ll make some changes.  We have big hopes and dreams, personal goals, professional goals…  Motivation is high to turn over a new leaf and make some progress.

Commit this year to give yourself the time and energy needed to make progress towards improving your whole-body health.  How do you plan to budget your time?  Typically we spend eight or more hours a day at work.  And then the average American spends almost 5 hours a day watching television!  How much better would you feel if you had less TV time and more physical activity?

What can you do in the New Year to progress your wellness program?  Make a plan and get started.  Devote a sufficient amount of time to you, and your health improvement program and enjoy your progress!  You can do it.

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