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Pilates Teacher Training with Pilates Expert Aliesa George

Pilates Teacher Training
and Mentoring Programs
with Aliesa George, PMA-CPT

Pilates teachers and wannabe Pilates teachers—this is the section for you!  Centerworks® and Pilates expert Aliesa George has a wealth of resources to help you deepen your understanding of the Pilates system, fine-tune and improve your teaching skills, and help you grow your business.

Pilates Pros Resources for Whole-Body Health

Continuing Education Courses for Pilates Teachers

Enjoy fun, action-packed, PMA-Approved CEC workshops designed for experienced Pilates teachers who want to continue their Pilates education, improve their teaching skills, and  grow their business.  Deepen your appreciation and understanding of the power of Pilates, with a fresh perspective, insights, and mentorship from Aliesa to help you see, spot, cue, and develop safe and effective training programs to help your clients stick with you for life and get fabulous results from each and every Pilates workout!  CEC courses are limited to a maximum of 8 participants to ensure attention to detail and hands-on training time.

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Pilates Products for Pilates Teachers

Browse Pilates products including Pilates books, Pilates exercise equipment, Pilates CD and MP3 workouts, Pilates e-books and Pilates audio downloads designed specifically for Pilates teachers who want to continue their Pilates education, improve their teaching skills or grow their business.

Pilates Products for Teachers

Pilates Teacher Training Program

Our goal at Centerworks® Pilates Institute is to help develop confident, well-qualified Pilates professionals.  Every BODY needs to have  the opportunity to reap the life-changing mental, physical and spiritual health benefits the Pilates system has to offer.  Excellent training for clients, starts with an excellent Pilates Teacher-Training Program!  We are very proud of the knowledge and expertise of the Pilates teachers that complete the Centerworks® program.
Think you’re ready to learn more?  We’d love to help you become a great Pilates teacher.

Pilates Teacher Training Program

Host an Awesome Workshop!

Host a workshop with guest teacher, Aliesa George,  at your studio for Pilates teachers and/or students.  Use this special event to promote your studio as THE place to go for fun, educational fitness events.  Make it easy for your Pilates teachers to continue learning and growing with in-house continuing ed opportunities.  Add to your knowledge, understanding, and expertise to help your clients deepen body awareness, improve  functional movement habits and get the best results possible from their Pilates workouts!

Pilates Awesome Workshops!

Pilates Exercises, Tips and Techniques

Get free access to Pilates exercise tips, teaching techniques, and helpful articles to help spark your creative teaching genius and help your clients maximize benefits from their Pilates workouts.  Discover new ways to think and move, refresh your memory on the million and one things you can pay attention to on each and every Pilates exercise, and challenge your perspective by adding new layers of learning to your Pilates expertise.

Pilates Exercises, Tips and Techniques

Continue your education, improve your skills and grow your business—take advantage of the resources available at Centerworks to help you expand your expertise!

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