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Centerworks® Pilates Teacher Training with Aliesa GeorgeCenterworks® Pilates
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Our goal at Centerworks® Pilates Institute is to help develop well-qualified professionals so that more people will have the opportunity to gain from the life-changing mental, physical and spiritual benefits that the Pilates system has to offer.

Reasons to Choose Centerworks® Pilates Teacher-Education Program

  • Dedicated to the development of qualified professionals, and safe/effective Pilates programs.
  • Small group sizes for individual, “hands-on” attention in learning the Pilates repertoire.
  • Easy to learn, systematic approach to the development Pilates programs for whole-body health.
  • Understand how to develop programs specific to a client’s goals and needs.
  • Effective tools to help you think on your feet and make superior choices in exercise selection.
  • Excellent supplemental training materials – so you don’t forget the wealth of information you’ve learned.
  • Well-established programs, services, references, resources, and continuing education opportunities.

And there’s more….

  • Centerworks® Pilates programs build confidence in knowledge and teaching skills.
  • Learn and develop effective teaching techniques, seeing, spotting, and cueing skills.
  • How to improve posture, hip and shoulder mechanics, gait, proper muscle firing patterns, core concepts, fundamental principles, preparatory exercises for improved body alignment, ways to modify exercises, and appropriately challenge more advanced students.
  • Physician lecture/workshop for a better understanding of medical issues related to health and exercise.
  • Physical Therapy/rehabilitation lecture/workshop to include topics for injuries, accident, and post-rehab Pilates.
  • And so much more…

**Completion of Program Requirements will prepare you to successfully pass the PMA Certification Exam.

What People Are Saying

Susan Campbell

The comprehensive program taught by Aliesa George and Centerworks® Pilates Institute, has prepared me to work to work with a variety of clients, including: athletes, pre and post-natal women, those new to The Method, and those who are more advanced. Additionally, I’ve learned how to safely work with clients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, bulging discs, knee problems, neck injuries, scoliosis, and more.

Susan Campbell,
Centerworks® Pilates Trained
PMA Pilates Certified Teacher

I would definitely recommend the Instructor’s Program taught by Aliesa George. Besides making learning fun, she is very thorough in her presentation and explanations. She gives ample practice time and opportunity for critiquing each other. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a program that focuses on control, technique, breathing, posture and body awareness to seriously consider learning more about Pilates with the programs offered at Centerworks® Pilates Institute.

Sue Carver, ATC/MPT
A World of Difference Physical Therapy
Little Rock, Arkansas

Barbara Sarnatarno

Aliesa came to Little Rock to teach Pilates Teacher-Education workshops and I was very impressed. She was organized, articulate and a consummate professional in relaying the principles and technique of the exercises in the traditional format of Joseph Pilates. Because of Aliesa, there are now several qualified teachers teaching around the state, teaching the work the way it was meant to be taught, with integrity, respect and safety. In this growing world of McDonald’s-style Pilates training, I respect Aliesa more every day. Not only did she teach me The Method, she taught me to respect the work. I have been equipped with an invaluable toolbox from a very gifted, articulate instructor.

Barbara Russi Sarnataro,
Centerworks® Pilates Trained
PMA Pilates Certified Teacher

About the Centerworks® Pilates Institute Teacher-Education Program

The Centerworks® Pilates Teacher-Education Program includes a series of intensive workshops to learn in detail the Pilates repertoire (both Matwork and Equipment), as well as modifications, teaching skills, program development, safety….. All of the information you need to develop into a great Pilates Teacher.

To complete the program, in addition to the intensive workshops – an internship will be required to develop your skills as a Pilates professional. The internship portion of the training program consists of hours of observation, practice / lessons /classes, as well as practice teaching under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This is the portion of the learning curve where you gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge you’ve got, and figure out how to see it, speak it, and put everything you’ve learned into practice to become a confident and successful teacher.

Becoming a comprehensively trained Pilates professional is very much like obtaining a 4-year degree in 9 months to 1 ½ years. It will require the dedication of your brain, body and commitment of both time and financial resources. Everything you learn will benefit your body first, and then allow you to share your understanding and expertise with others, helping the world get healthy!

Aliesa George, the Centerworks Pilates Institute Teacher-Education DirectorA Message from the Centerworks® Pilates Teacher-Education Director

I hope that the information provided will help you make an educated and informed decision in selecting a training program.  Pilates is a field that is growing very quickly. Good instructors are very much in demand and teaching can be a very rewarding career. Your decision to pursue education to become a qualified Pilates professional is important in maintaining the integrity of the Method.

If you have any additional questions about the Centerworks program, or would like to schedule an session to help evaluate if you’re ready to enroll in a Pilates teacher-training program,  please contact me with the form below or call Toll-Free 1-800-946-7804 or Direct (316) 942-1111. I look forward to assisting you with your education.

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