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Pilates Magic Circle and Workout DVD


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Stretch, Train, Tone and Develop the Strong, Fit, Flexible Body You Want!

Stretch, train, tone, and develop the strong, fit, flexible body you desire with the assistance and resistance of the Pilates Magic Circle.

The Pilates Magic Circle is a great workout tool to help increase the resistance and challenge of your Pilates workouts. It’s also great for stretching and is a versatile exercise aide you can use anywhere. Add the challenge of the Magic Circle to your Pilates mat workouts for variety and improved strength for your core, arms and legs.

The Pilates Magic Circle was created by Joseph Pilates to provide resistance for faster, more targeted toning. Improve muscle strength throughout the body… especially in problem areas.

Use the Pilates Magic Circle for targeted training as a stand-alone workout. Or, add the Pilates Magic Circle to your matwork to increase the challenge of your workout and make the most of your matwork.

Improve your muscle tone and endurance for better health with the Stamina® Pilates Magic Circle!

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 4 in

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