Speaking, Training, and Awesome Workshops!™ Presentations by Aliesa George, PMA-CPT

Aliesa Motivates, Inspires and Guides Her Audiences with Practical, Results-Oriented Presentations for Wellness Success

Aliesa George is an engaging and dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and workshop presenter who shares her passion for wellness and discovering ways to deepen the mind-body connection to help inspire audiences around the globe  to maintain and improve their whole-body health.

She shares real-life strategies and solutions, drawing from her personal struggles to successfully overcome chronic pain and injury as well as her 30+ years of experience in the wellness industry as an expert, helping others get and stay healthy!  Through sharing key health principles from her expertise in Pilates, foot fitness, and functional movement, she helps inspire audiences to achieve their own transformational personal wellness success!

Aliesa assists individuals, organizations and corporations to:

  • Improve Health and Fitness to Look Better and Feel GREAT
  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain and Improve Posture, Breathing, and Movement
  • Enhance Athletic Performance to Excel in Any Sport or Activity
  • Discover Transformational Wellness Success Strategies for Whole-Body Health
  • Become a Part of the Solution for Self-Care and an Improved Quality of Life

Aliesa’s Most Requested Keynote, Awesome Workshops!™
and Presentation Topics


  • Hope for Health: Secret Self-Help Strategies to be Fit, be Healthy and be Well

Awesome Workshops!™ for Every BODY

  • Fantastic Feet! Workshop
  • Stress-Free Shoulders Workshop
  • Shoulder Mechanics Workshop
  • Pilates-Walk Workshop
  • A Barrel of Fun Workshop
  • Intro to Pilates Workshop
  • Breathing Basics Workshop
  • Healthy Back – Active Life Workshop
  • Foam Roller Favorites Workshop

Presentations for Pilates Teachers

  • Pilates Training for Healthy Hips
  • These Hips Were Made for Walking: Using Pilates to Improve Gait
  • More Fantastic Footwork: Training Tips for Pilates Teachers
  • The Centerworks® Holy Grail System for Whole-Body Support
  • Centerworks® Pilates Teacher-Training Program(series of 8 courses)

Aliesa George, PMA-CPT, Founder & President of Centerworks®

Intentional Movement TrainingTM Specialist
& Transformational Change Agent for Wellness Success

Pilates, Foot Fitness and Functional Movement for Optimal Whole-Body Health and Wellness

Aliesa George, PMA-CPTThousands of people over the last 30+ years have benefited from Aliesa’s inspiring expertise.  She has taught toddlers how to do flips and tricks, helped athletes excel in sports from baseball and football to dance, dressage and triathlons.  She’s worked with doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to provide a Pilates perspective to help clients get back to health from foot problems, knee problems, hip and back problems, shoulder problems.  And she strongly supports mind-body activities and using Pilates to assist the healing process for mental and emotional pain from trauma through healthy movement.

It is the birthright of every person on the planet to enjoy wellness success and live a happy, healthy, & active life!

—Aliesa George

Aliesa is the author of numerous information-packed books, audio, and video programs including:  Fantastic Feet – Exercises to Strengthen the Ankles, Arches, and Toes, Posture Principles for HealthA Barrel of Fun! Pilates Arc Barrel Exercises, Super Ankles, Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Life, eight Centerworks® Pilates exercise training manuals, and many hundreds of helpful blog posts and articles for health improvement and wellness success.

Aliesa’s extensive background in the mind-body health and fitness industry provides her clients with a unique advantage.  She works closely with each client to create a unique presentation.  Aliesa focuses on getting results and delivers each presentation in a fun, entertaining style to motivate and inspire your audience to be pro-active and confident to quickly start incorporating her transformational wellness success strategies into their workouts and daily life activities to improve and maintain optimal whole-body health!

What People Are Saying

The comprehensive program taught by Aliesa George and Centerworks® Pilates Institute, has prepared me to work to work with a variety of clients, including: athletes, pre and post-natal women, those new to The Method, and those who are more advanced. Additionally, I’ve learned how to safely work with clients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, bulging discs, knee problems, neck injuries, scoliosis, and more.

– Susan Campbell,
Centerworks® Pilates Trained
PMA Pilates Certified Teacher

I would definitely recommend the Instructor’s Program taught by Aliesa George. Besides making learning fun, she is very thorough in her presentation and explanations. She gives ample practice time and opportunity for critiquing each other. Aliesa addresses common physical problems encountered and brings in professionals to talk about areas of safety in concern when working with specific populations. She teaches exercise modification to ensure safety of the client. She encourages her to students to develop a team of health professionals that can serve as consultants. Her training manuals are great references and resources for developing exercise programs and guiding you as you learn. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a program that focuses on control, technique, breathing, posture and body awareness, seriously consider learning more about Pilates with the programs offered at Centerworks® Pilates Institute.

– Sue Carver, ATC/MPT
A World of Difference Physical Therapy
Little Rock, Arkansas

Aliesa came to Little Rock to teach Pilates Teacher-Education workshops and I was very impressed. She was organized, articulate and a consummate professional in relaying the principles and technique of the exercises in the traditional format of Joseph Pilates. Because of Aliesa, there are now several qualified teachers teaching around the state, teaching the work the way it was meant to be taught, with integrity, respect and safety. In this growing world of McDonald’s-style Pilates training, I respect Aliesa more every day. Not only did she teach me The Method, she taught me to respect the work. I have been equipped with an invaluable toolbox from a very gifted, articulate instructor.

– Barbara Russi Sarnataro,
Centerworks® Pilates Trained
PMA Pilates Certified Teacher

I have had 6 knee surgeries and one wrist surgery. The Pilates Method has helped me regain a high level of function without further injury. I am a Physical Therapist and have personally trained and certified under Aliesa George at Centerworks® Pilates. I have successfully incorporated the Pilates Methodology into my practice with good result. Leaning the Pilates Method has totally changed the way I look at how the body moves and how I treat my patients.

– Vicki Daniel
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Newton Medical Center
Centerworks® Trained Pilates Teacher

Partial Client List

Aliesa George Partial Client List

  • The Pilates Method Alliance, International Conference
  • Chamber of Commerce Events
  • Bank Employee Education Lectures
  • Business Leads Groups
  • USD 259 P.E. Teacher In-service Training
  • Chiropractic – Client Education Programs
  • Physical Therapist CEU Courses
  • American College Dance Festival Regional Events
  • Friends University – College Dance Department Matwork Classes
  • Wichita State University Staff Wellness Luncheons
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Health and Fitness Student Intro to Pilates Workshops
  • Girl Scouts of America – Pilates and Posture Education
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