Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t already done so, please look over the short description of how the program works. That overview will help to clarify many of the answers on this page.

Question: How do I fit the Affiliate Program into my website?Answer: No matter how you integrate it into your website, we give you complete control.

You can have one of our banners on your site as the link to OR you can just have a text link to us directly from your main page, your “other links” page, or wherever you deem appropriate at your site.

We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure. For example; you could just have a banner on your main page OR your could have us listed in your main menu (if applicable).

Here are a couple of other pointers for listing at your website.

  • Placing our banner(s) on your site: This is the most common and easiest way to earn referral fees. Simply place a banner on high traffic parts of your website for visitors to click on (banners are supplied with our Welcome Package that is emailed to you after you have applied for the Affiliate Program).
  • Topically-oriented websites: Most websites, especially those that focus on a particular subject area, will want to set up a link from their main page used specifically to link to In other words, with your selections on your main page (main menu), you would have as an option. It would look as if is part of your website, but it is really going to our server.
  • Magazine-styled sites: Sites featuring articles, reviews and interviews may want to use a different approach. Interviews with or stories or reviews about’s products might serve your website better than a banner link.
Question: How will my visitors order?Answer: Simply stated, you link to the website. In turn, we’ll run everything for you by recording, processing and fulfilling your customer orders.

Your visitors will visit your website and link to the web page you present to them. They buy a Centerworks® product by using our online ordering process. It is all hands free. We do all the work and you receive a referral check every month for linking to our site.

Question: Can we take the order on our website instead, and just send you the customer information afterward?Answer: No. We are solely responsible for developing and producing our free tips and products’ descriptions/stats, therefore we can update the site as necessary with new additions, new order processing options, price changes, etc. cannot be responsible for any errors in your descriptions of these tips or products offered, by you not updating your pages as often as we do. We also offer a secure website which is essential in collecting online orders.

Question: How do you calculate referral fees?Answer: Referral fees are earned on each sale. Every product order placed through your sponsoring website with online order system will be eligible for the related referral fee. (Products non-exclusive to Centerworks® are not eligible for referral fees.)

Question: How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?Answer: We will provide you with special formatted URL’s (one for each resalable product) that you will use to link to our site. These URL’s will identify a particular “Affiliate Number” for us to display, and your unique store code which we use to track your referral fees as they are earned.

This number is assigned to you after you apply for the affiliates program. Our custom designed software then hides that affiliate number in all forms of ordering the products. The affiliates number is hidden in HTML code of the online order forms so the customer never even sees it.

Note that we have very sophisticated software that we have installed (it cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop) that goes beyond any other tracking software available.

To give you just the basics, we not only use cookies to store your affiliates number in the appropriate web pages for order tracking, but if the visitor’s browser has the “cookies” feature turned off, our software falls back to CGI scripting to track the order. This insures that you get credit for EVERY order that is placed from a visitor that linked to us from your website. No other businesses that have affiliates programs that we are aware of, use this kind of technology to verify that you get paid for EVERY single order from visitors that come from your website. We are a step ahead of any other tracking software out there. If you don’t understand what “cookies” are… don’t worry… we were just trying to explain to those people who have questions about this, how we “cover all the basics” to ensure that you get credit for every sale generated through your link(s) to

Question: How will I know how many products were sold?Answer: Once you join, we give you a special URL where you can view how many visitors have traveled from your site to and how many of each product were sold on a daily basis (including the customer’s name and how they ordered). You will receive an email copy of each order moments after it is placed (for your records). You will receive your referral fee check on a monthly basis.

Question: What kind of income can I expect?Answer: Low traffic websites can expect $30.00-$75.00 a month. Heavier traveled sites can expect $75.00-$250.00 a month, and large sites can expect $300+ a month. It depends on the type of people that visit your site, how many visitors you receive monthly, and how much exposure you give the link(s) to

Question: Can I purchase through my link just to buy products for myself?Answer: We will not tolerate affiliates who signup just for our program so that they can purchase solely for themselves and profit from it. Furthermore, we will not pay commissions on products that affiliates purchase for themselves through their own link.

Question: What are the terms and conditions?Answer: Please read our operating agreement. It details all the terms and conditions of our program.

If you have any other questions, please contact us online, or call us

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