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When you provide links from your website to our site, we’ll pay you a percentage of the sale price of our products that your visitors buy. This is called a “referral fee”—it’s basically a share of the revenue you help us generate. We’ll pay you the following month for the previous months sales. You can check how many visitors you have attracted to our site and how many have ordered in real-time (we provide a web page for you to view these statistics anytime you like).

Legal Stuff

As with any program involving money, certain restrictions apply. See the affiliate program FAQs for more information about referral fees. There you’ll also find a link that takes you to the relevant section of the operating agreement.

Referral Fee Chart

The products listed below are eligible for referral commissions of 30%.

NOTE: We will not pay affiliate commissions on products you purchase for yourself through your affiliate link.

Item No. Product Sales Amount Commission (Full Retail)
BK-FF01 Fantastic Feet! print book $20 $6.00
BK-EbFF Fantastic Feet! eBook $14 $4.20
SE-FK02 Fantastic Feet! Book plus Foot Fitness Kit $30 $9.00
SE-FK01 Foot Fitness Kit $20 $6.00
super-ankles-ffb Super Ankles Foot-Fit Board $15 $4.50
CD-FLO1 Basic Pilates—Flowing Fun CD $12 $3.60
AUD-FLO1 Basic Pilates—Flowing Fun MP3 and CD $17 $5.10
MP3-FLO1 Basic Pilates—Flowing Fun MP3 $10 $3.00
CD-FLO2 Beginner-Intermediate Pilates—Gearing Up CD $12 $3.60
AUD-FLO2 Beginner-Intermediate Pilates—Gearing Up MP3 and CD $17 $5.10
MP3-FLO2 Beginner-Intermediate Pilates—Gearing Up MP3 $10 $3.00
CD-FLO3 Intermediate Pilates—Flowing Fitness CD $12 $3.60
AUD-FLO3 Intermediate Pilates—Flowing Fitness MP3 and CD $17 $5.10
MP3-FLO3 Intermediate Pilates—Flowing Fitness MP3 $10 $3.00
mag-circ-cd Magic Circle Pilates CD $12 $3.60
mag-circ-combo Magic Circle Pilates CD and MP3 Combo $17 $5.10
mag-circ-mp3 Magic Circle Pilates MP3 $10 $3.00
DVD-CUR Classical Pilates: Complete Universal Reformer Series DVD $15 $4.50
PP-DVD0 Posture Principles DVD $79 $23.70
SV #PP-SV Posture Principles Streaming Video $59 $17.70
barrel-book A Barrel of Fun! print book $35 $10.49
BK-EbAB A Barrel of Fun! eBook $27 $8.10
TT-BM01 Basic Matwork Training Manual $25 $7.50
TT-EbBM Basic Matwork Training Manual PDF $17 $5.10
TT-IM02 Intermediate Matwork Training Manual $25 $7.50
TT-EbIM Intermediate Matwork Training Manual PDF $17 $5.10
TT-AM03 Advanced Matwork Training Manual $25 $7.50
TT-EbAM Advanced Matwork Training Manual PDF $17 $5.10
TT-SP04 Supplemental Exercises Training Manual $15 $4.50
TT-EbSP Supplemental Exercises Training Manual PDF $10 $3.00
TT-BA08 The Barrels Training Manual $40 $12.00
TT-EbBA The Barrels Training Manual $32 $9.60
TT-CA06 The Cadillac Training Manual $40 $12.00
TT-EbCA The Cadillac Training Manual PDF $32 $9.60
TT-CH07 The Chair Training Manual $40 $12.00
TT-EbCH The Chair Training Manual PDF $32 $9.60
TT-RF05 The Reformer Training Manual $40 $12.00
TT-EbRF The Reformer Training Manual PDF $32 $9.60
BF-TTLSFL Tips and Tricks eBook and 52 week eCourse $29 $8.70
BK-TD01 Theme of the Day Booklet $15 $4.50
BK-EbTD Theme of the Day eBook $12 $3.60

If you have any questions regarding your affiliate commissions, or how to setup your affiliate links, contact affiliate help.

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