Discover How You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Healthier, Happier Feet

Fantastic Feet! Exercises to Strengthen
Your Ankles, Arches and Toes

Fantastic Feet!

95-Page Paperback by Aliesa George

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Tired, achy feet, foot pain, flat feet, heel pain, arch pain, toe pain, foot cramps… or other foot problems putting a damper on your workouts?

Eighty percent of people experience foot problems and most folks have never considered the fitness of their feet as a contributing factor.

Good health starts from the ground up!  And there are lots of simple, easy exercises you can do on your own to help your feet feel better.

This easy-to-use Fantastic Feet! exercise book will provide you with exercises—seated standing and laying down—for healthy and happy feet.

Simple to follow, great descriptions and lots of photos, this book is an excellent tool for developing an exercise program specifically to improve foot fitness and the subtle muscle imbalances that start at the feet and affect our posture and health.


If You Have:

  • Flat feet or High Arches
  • Bunions or Hammer Toes
  • Weak and Hyper-Mobile or Stiff Ankles
  • Notice Uneven Wear Patterns on Your Shoes
  • Achy feet or Foot Cramps
  • Have Healthy Feet and Want to Keep Them Feeling Fantastic, Fit and Injury-Free!

We cramp our toes into tight shoes, pound the pavement daily and expect our feet to support us without complaint.  In fact, we spend time exercising just about everything except our feet!

Discover how with only a few simple foot-care exercises you can enjoy the benefits of healthier, happier feet, and how important your feet are to maintaining great whole-body health!

Fantastic Feet!

Fantastic Feet!

95-Page Paperback by Aliesa George

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