Discover a Vigorous and Challenging Matwork Class for All Experienced Pilates Enthusiasts

Intermediate Pilates Matwork Flowing Fitness Challenge: 35 Exercises

Intermediate Pilates Matwork Flowing Fitness Challenge: 35 Exercises

41:10 Workout on Audio CD or MP3

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You already know how much you LOVE Pilates and can feel the results of all the great benefits—getting stronger and healthier. So it’s time to stay consistent and continue reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Make Pilates matwork a regular part of your weekly workout routine! If you can’t make it to your favorite “live” class, this Intermediate Pilates Matwork—Flowing Fitness Challenge audio workout on your phone or iPad, can be the next best thing!

During this fabulous fitness workout, you’ll get plenty of cues to tweak your technique from Pilates expert Aliesa George, while you move through 35 intermediate level Pilates Matwork exercises. Trim your rim, get in touch with your center, and tone your whole entire body with this challenging Pilates audio workout.

Exercises included in this Intermediate Pilates Workout are:

  • The Hundred
  • The Roll Up
  • One Leg Circle
  • Rolling Like a Ball
  • Single Bent Leg Stretch
  • Double Bent Leg Stretch
  • Single Straight Leg Stretch
  • Modified Double Straight Leg
  • Criss-Cross
  • Spine Stretch Forward
  • Open Leg Rocker
  • Corkscrew
  • Saw
  • Rocking Swan
  • Single Leg Kick
  • Double Leg Kick
  • Neck Pull
  • Shoulder Bridge (no kick)
  • Side Kick Series: Kick Front and Back
  • Lift and Lower
  • Passe
  • Little Circles
  • Double Leg Lift
  • Close the Hatch
  • Grand Ronde De Jambe
  • Bicycle
  • Hot Potato
  • Beats on the Belly
  • Teaser I
  • Can-Can
  • Swimming
  • Leg Pull Front (no kick)
  • Leg Pull Back (no kick)
  • Seal
  • Push-ups/Plank

If you’ve been consistently doing your Pilates matwork at a basic-intermediate level and are now ready to push yourself to the next level of Pilates proficiency but don’t really need to get completely wild and crazy with super-advanced exercises that make it risky to stay safe and injury-free, get this workout!

Spend three to six months or longer training your body to get strong at the intermediate level. With the encouragement of mentor and master teacher Aliesa George and the exercises in this Pilates audio class, it will be easy for you to move forward in to even more advanced work.

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