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Stress-Reduction Tip: Fun in the Great Outdoors!

AHHHHH…  The Great Outdoors!

I find that nothing helps adjust my mental attitude like time spent outside in Nature paired with some vigorous physical activity.

It might be a walk, skate around the park, jog, bike ride, or self-taught “circuit boot camp” (stopping at every park bench, bridge, and piece of playground equipment to do an exercise or stretch.)

Fun in the Great Outdoors

Just getting started and knowing that I’m doing something good for my health begins to lighten my mood.

By the time I’ve finished a quick 30 minutes or an hour… between the fresh air, exercise, and chance to enjoy the great outdoors; I am always stress-free, invigorated, and happy!

What are YOUR top three favorite Stress-Reduction strategies?




Please share tips on the things you do to help lower stress in your life???

Inquiring minds want to know…  And you just might inspire some one else to use your helpful hints!  So post a reply now!

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